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Hello! My plannings doing pretty good, finished my character sheet so I can get down to the nitty gritty character personality/background building! I'm already in love with Saphira... XD

Are we allow to post on here? *feels suspicious*

I hope so...

I'm working the other way, already have the concept/background, but I'm struggling a bit with the sheet :/

I don't see why you couldn't post here. It would help to declutter the ad, actually. Put any character building questions you have here, Maika.

IS mostly with the stances and maneuvers. I don't have the books so I'm using Hero Forge to create the character.

According to it, I have to choose 5 stances and 2 maneuvers, but I'm not sure what to choose? I want a kind of tactical/medical Crusader? YOu said they work a lot with party buffers and I kind of want to focus on that, and healing buffers?

Actually, that's 5 maneuvers and 2 stances...You want to be careful not to mix those up.

Crusaders have access to 3 of the nine schools: Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, and the White Raven.

Devoted Spirit maneuvers are usually more Paladin-like in nature: Later on you get access to some serious whomping power. Good ones from here to start with are the Crusader's Strike (Lets you heal a bit after a successful hit, which is always good) and the Vanguard Strike, which makes it easier for your pals to hit whatever you targeted. There are two phenomenal stances here at the 1st level of maneuvers to pick from as well: Iron Guard's Glare (Enemies have -4 to attack your allies) and the Martial Spirit (Heal 2 HP with every successful hit, but this is more a solo thing.)

Stone Dragon maneuvers are all about brute force, resilience, and unshakable presence. The Charging Minotaur lets you bullrush/plow through an entire pack of enemies to reach your target without prompting any Attacks of opportunity. The Stone Bones move gives you Damage Resistance 5/Adamantine for one round, which is good if you're the center of attention.

But the White Raven school holds a special place in my heart: This is the discipline for party tacticians, the master coordinators. Leading the Attack gives your allies +4 to hit a target you mark with your strike, and one of the available stances, "Leading the Charge" lets you grant your allies a bonus to damage equal to your level on charge attacks. It's a terrific fight opening stance because you can say "CHAAAARGE!" and everyone rushes in and whomps the bad guys dealing extra damage, and then you can swap it out for something to keep the fight on your terms...Like the Iron Guard's Glare Stance from Devoted Spirit.

When they tell you to pick 5 Maneuvers, they are referring to the "Strikes" and "Boosts". There are others besides the ones I suggested, those were just some of my favorites.

Be sure that you keep your "Stances" separate from your maneuvers. Maneuvers are one-shot powers you use in combat. Stances are ongoing effects you just exude.

Ive never played ToB before so I'll probably mess it all up XD what Coukd go wrong with a half ing swordsage?


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