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*cracks knuckles* A challenge?

Could be .

Actually when I say your character I thought it would be a fun interaction. Mis is used to a more or less military family, and while she knows she's pretty she just does not think it important, so yes, it would be a fun challenge for both, let's see how long I can make her resist :P

Originally Posted by Maika View Post
I mean, right now Mia is quite... stiff. She still needs to learn to loosen up :P
Does that mean she'll be telling of Saf for any mischief she makes?

No, as long is harmless.... she has a sense of humor, don't worry.

She just does not think bery highly of woman's that are too flirty... or care too much about beauty

Btw, I don't know if any of you saw the news but... Disney bought LucasFilms, including the Star Wars franchise.

I'm very worried...

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