General OOC

Right, ok thanks!

Also I'm afraid there's a big chance I'll only be posting once a day, since I'm entering NaNoWriMo. So all my spare time is taken up by writing. Sorry.

Aah, NaNo. good times, good times. I never got into that myself: I slog stuff out when I can.

Actually I don't think Mia would have problems sharing the leadership, after all she does not know everything. She's just comfortable being the public face, she feels in her home.

Eh, you all do realize that Dendara has to go first? I take it some of you are trying to pre-assign your moves, but it'd help my sanity if we stuck to the initiative order.

Its my first year doing it, usually I write like 2000 words a month max XD but I'm on time...

Ditto here! I kinda posted before I saw the initiative...

Sorry about that Just got caught in the story.

Still, Mia only can draw her bow, so there's not attack

Aiden? Dendara needs to start us off here...

Might just be busy due to the weekend. If it continues into the week I'd say a basic action taken by the DM would be fine for moving us on.

Welp, I'll give him until 2 PM Central Standard time tomorrow to do something then.

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