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Was totally not planning on getting this far behind.

I was indeed pretty busy the last few days helping a friend move, but I did have opportunity to check. No real excuse on my part.

Updated. Sorry for the wait!

I'm not sure about the rules for drawing weapons and such. Is it possible for saf to move over to a mast, draw her slingshot then try to shoot one. Or will it be the next turn until she can shoot.

I thought she drew it...

Originally Posted by Fernfur View Post
"Yes, surrender now, or you'll pay... most likely with your life," Saphira draws her sling and glances around, trying to decide which of the crossbow men to try and throw a stone at. What she says would have been intimidating, if it had come from anyone but her. Currently she just looked like a rather dangerous kid.
Added emphasis.

I know, but technically that was after the combat started so it counts as part of my action I think. Just gonna go look some stuff up before I finalise what I'm doing.

Aah, right. Pre-emptive actions, always screw me up. Okey dokes, I'll move things along.

I think there's a lot of grey area here. I was actually roleplaying it that I drew my blade in sequence with the first pre-initiative round. If I'd not done so, it would be done as part of the move (which is a legal method of drawing a weapon).

I'm not sure where the shadowy stuff came from. Rabid Wolf Strike is a feral Tiger Claw maneuver, not Shadow Hand. If we're just adding flavor, that's fine.

Dar. I love fluff, and I misread the maneuver. I'll try to avoid fluff mistakes.

It's ok, I'll roll with it.

We'll see what happens on the following initiative orders to determine how I move into the next stage.

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