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Aah, ninja posting. It does happen.

Dw, you didn't I posted hours after you :P, but was careless.

I also have a lot of time for posting, I mean I habe the weave open in the background and my mail, so I get notices every time someone posts :P. It is hard not to post inmediatly, at least for me XD, but someone already told me I tend to be a bit overbearing so... I try to take things slower, not that always works

Energy amongst the players is always a good sign: I was careful when selecting players to find a group that had that special combination of excitement, inventiveness, and a knack for staying active. I'm confident that all of you are going to make a terrific force, and one that's going to help shape Terrus here.

But, since I gravitate towards the preachy side (It goes along with being a writer), as always:

-This is a game and games are supposed to be fun
-Play by post makes room for all sorts of hijinks, even accidental ones
-Goddamn, you blew your search/spot checks right out of the water!

Originally Posted by Erico View Post
-Goddamn, you blew your search/spot checks right out of the water!

Uh.. what does that mean actually? Because I understood that were bad rolls o.o.

Sorry, english is my second language

"Blew them out of the water" is a colloquial term that means you did really, really well. It's probably American: It's supposed to harken the notion of dropping torpedoes or bombs onto enemy warships and striking them at a vulnerable point, like the powder magazine, which causes the entire ship to explode and sink rapidly: A direct hit in other words. On occasion, ships hit in this fashion are said to lift up out of the water from the force of the blow before sinking.

The sinking of the H.M.S. Hood during World War II by the German battleship Bismarck is a solid reference.

Anyhow, history lesson aside, you had some really really good rolls there.

Oh, for Mia and Melanie: You've got enough time to react and brace yourself, but you don't have enough to do anything combat-like...

Enough time? What that means? The ship gonna blow? Did you mean "blew them out of the water" literally?

They can't stop what's going to happen...but they won't take damage from it.

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