General OOC

Ah, going for the "BAIL OUT NOW" option, are we?

Well, you've just learned another hidden aspect of the Law of Awesome: Explosions make everything better.

She's not going to stick around in the middle of a explosion! The Captain gave her express orders to keep herself alive

And yes, I LOVE explosions

Im so upset... Saf didn't get to start the first explosion of the game *cries in a corner*

Yes, you didn't start it, Saphira, but who do you think is going to get blamed for it?

I missed the inception of this too. Unfortunate, but there's not a lot I could've done about it.

Continue the discussions, team. I'm liking how things are progressing, and it makes sense that your characters would want to hammer out a plan of action and get your bearings about one another before moving on.

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