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Please be sure that you are giving me your "average posts per day" from the statistics on your user page. As I said in the app, I want to know what your actual posting rate is, not what you think you can post at.

Mine has changed... To an even larger number... yep now stands a 17.26 posts/day XD should I change it on my app?

please do.

Right done that... But I don't think my current average posts reflects how much I will post... which will be significantly less... XD

I have a question regarding options, can we trade class abilities for bonus fighter feats? Some of them maybe powerful, but this way there is more variety

The last time I ran a Tome of Battle game, I awarded Bonus Feats to my players at specific intervals: I may do something similar here, but I would prefer that you left your class abilities alone.

How about traits and flaws? Allowed?


Does Nessene actually have a stable population? or it is just the HQ of the gatekeepers and the market?

BTW, I put some of the background and other characters and I plan to have Mia father actually be a friend/known of the Chief of the Aethers, if that's ok? Just to have more context


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