General OOC

Maika, your Character Sheet is incomplete: could you place your feats and such in it?

No, no, you have a list in your application...
I'm talking about your Character Sheet. You have no remaining gold listed, no languages, no extra items, your feats and abilities are blank...

You have them, but you haven't put them into your character sheet.

Just found out I've got additional work coming up this next month, so I won't be able to give this game the attention it deserves. I'll withdraw my application, and wish you all well.

I'll have an application up ASAP!

Avoided halfling because I heard that Swordsages don't regularly go the "Power Punisher" route.

So I've taken a two handed Falchion wielding strategist type. Focusing mostly on Diamond Mind and Shadow Hand with a little Stone Dragon thrown in for some real hard hitting goodness.

I'm focusing on upping my concentration as much as possible for both RP purposes and Diamond Mind maneuvers.

Is anyone else willing to intermingle back stories? He loves a good game of Chess as a starting point.

You all have until Monday...the newest app is missing a few things.

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