General OOC

No, I approve of my players finding ways to flesh out the world. That's part of the world-building and back and forth cooperation I mentioned in my "What to Expect" message, and I love seeing it in my players. Continue apace.

Glad to be part of this game. I look forward to playing it. I do feel out of place though. My character is the only one, of the four that added their characters, that doesn't have a big sword.

That's ok. I use my chain to wrap around them and rip them from their hands.

Looking forward to playing! I'm surprised I didn't dance when I got accepted XD

Don't worry, Saf has a positively small sword! About to repost my stuff.

I guess Geoff is the only guy in the group, that is if there are only the five of us. The guys back in the unit are gonna give him a hard time about this one.

I think he is And Saf is the smallest of the lot! I always go for girls since I am one... and I can't rp guys at all...

In one of the AIM campaigns I play in, my boyfriend plays the only male character of the party. We joke about it OoC and call it his harem, though in reality he only has eyes for my character (due to backstory integration we have). The awkward part? She's pretending to be a male and he doesn't know her true gender. Hilarity ensues.

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