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We have a good time. My character is a samurai cross-dresser who rides a camel and carries a dolphin shield that she tends to fling away first turn for two-handed katana attacks. The camel, Gilford, rolls better than she does. He tends to get the most natural twenties, including one to win a crossbow shooting competition. Yep. The camel won a crossbow shooting competition. (Out of the party that is, the NPCs were so high none of us could beat them. Thanks module.)

I play both males and females despite being a girl. =)

What's hilarious about how the gender breakdown happened in this game is that it's very reminiscent of a game I play in called "The Thirteenth." In that one, my war-weary medic and team leader ended up being the only guy on the squad with a lot of very strong and focused women. They jokingly say that William acts more like the woman in that game than the actual women do.

Naturally, he has dreams about all of them...

Well I know at least Saf will be acting like a little girl XD when she can get away with it...

See I can't do that, CG. I just mess up boys!

I seem to find it really easy to RP girls as well as boys. Some of my favorite characters are female.

I should make a point of applying to different games with a male character. :P I have a few that I currently run.

I can write from the POV of boys, I just don't seem to be able to rp them *shrugs*

OK, just connecting and it seems thing are aleady working!

It is going to be a fun group, we're sooo going to tease poor Geoffrey

But don't worry, Mia knows not to mix duty and pleasure... while at work

Saf has already got chewed out before she even did anything XD Ah the joy of having a troublemaker...

But they make things so much more fun.

I know! They're pretty fun to rp, as well (I get to do things I would never do in real)

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