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How To Survive A Zomie Apocalypse!

I'd take a rattan bo staff. That way I'd turn into one of those zombie boss types that force you to reload the boss fight a million times. Only, this is 'real life', so you don't get to load from save after the first time my superpowered zombie mode kicks your butt.

Sorry you're right. I completely misunderstood the original post. For some reason I thought it was asking about what I just answered. Might be because I have a fever.

Anyway that's still an easy answer. I'd take a machete. Easy to hack off limbs and cut arteries.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
... Considering Zombies are a result of african voodoo magic. Or the mythos surrounding it. The "beloved horror movie zombies" were ALREADY a bastardized violation of canon.

So... justify how YOUR bastardization is somehow better than THEIR bastardization?

I mean, if you were arguing in favor of the original version. You'd have a case. But you're not.
First off, I already apologized for offending anyone. Your attitude is neither necessary nor cool, and now I'm beginning to take offense at you jumping in my shit with both feet.

Secondly, you don't need to use capital letters. It's rude.

Finally, the accepted norm for zombies is what you see in the movies, and not the voodoo version that zombies have their roots in. I'm quite aware of where original zombies come from, but I cannot make the argument that most other people do as well. Most people know zombies from what we've seen in the movies, having been glorified by Hollywood. So when I replied to this post I replied under the implied sense that we were talking about popular zombies and not the ones created by voodoo priests in Africa and/or Jamaica.

Now, I urge you to go back and re-read my second post where I stated that I didn't mean to offend and that I was basing my answer off of the classic movie zombies. Do that before you try to bash me again, dear sir.

Corrections. In order.

You didn't offend me.

No attitude, just stating the facts.

Don't really care if you get offended, though. You're really quite sensitive.

CAPITALIZING is an emphasis technique. Accepted alongside italics, bolds, exclamation! and *asterisks* as a literary method. You should work on that sensitivity thing.

And the accepted norm, now, is typically the fast moving or fairly intelligent zombies. Night of the Living Dead has been replaced in the cultural meme. Which means, by *your* logic (there, are you happy I didn't bother with caps this time?)... the zombies you like no longer count. Just like the voodoo zombies no longer count.

Which brings us back to my point, and the question you failed to answer. What lets you justify the idea that the old monster movie zombies over the modern zombies? When you can't even call the old ones the original?

So this thread is not for arguing about what zombies can or can not do. It is about what you have in your zombie bag when you becoming a walking puss bag.

I would have the following, that I can easily obtain.

Football Helmet with mouth guard snapped off so I can bite people & Shoulder Pads
Carpenter's Utility Belt
A hammer, couple screwdrivers for the Utility Belt
Wooden Baseball bat with railroad spike nails hammered into it
High Tension Bass fishing line with numerous (12 or more) fishhooks on it

To answer your question, the original poster never indicated what style of zombies he was referring to (old or new or original), so I based my original answer off of what would be considered the cultural "norm" for zombies - slow, brainless, not very intelligent. If the original poster is going to leave critical, important details out of his post/question, what's to say that we aren't supposed to assume what style of zombie he is talking about? I thought of the classic monster movie zombie, which per the cultural norm is what most people expect when they think about them.

I don't think of the modern zombies (the ones that are intelligent and use tools) as zombies. Again, this is my opinion based on the older movies, but the newer fast and smart zombies aren't zombies in my mind. And if the original poster isn't going to clarify what style of zombies we are talking about, how am I to know we aren't talking about the older ones? I stated it quite clearly in my post that my idea of zombies don't use weapons or tools.

I'd have... a boat.

I've yet to see any dead body that can swim, and wouldn't be eaten by various sea creatures.


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