One: Reassignment

"Thank you much," Geoff said as he headed toward the room. As he let the others in he peered around outside the door to make sure no one paid any attention to their meeting. Entering the room he takes in his surroundings. He walks over to any windows, opens them and peers outside making sure there were no prying eyes and ears.

Melanie follows everyone else inside without comment. Her thoughts are more on what just happened to them than the present. She sits down and leans her elbows on the table, her chin placed in her hands, looking lost in thought.

As Geoff scouted outside, a waitress entered with a round of beer for everyone, putting the tankards of various size in the table. Shaking her head, Mia took one and moved closer to the waitress

"Non alcoholic for me miss, please. Apart of that, whatever you have" she said. She had no wish to cloud her thinking with beer or mead "Hey guys, drinks are here"

Melanie perks up. "Do you guys have any kind of juice? If not, I'll take water." The thought of alcohol never even crosses her mind. Her parents had always frowned at anything that could lower efficiency in such a way.

The waitress, so instructed by the barkeep, took their drink orders and delivered them without comment. Nobody watched them, and nobody tried to listen in. The team could speak in confidence.

"Ok, now that we're done. Anyone has any ideas about where to start this?" Mia asked sipping her honeyed berry juice. "I still think that while we're gathering information, armor and emblem are going to be a hindrance. The Watch patrol have tries this before, even if we don't have the emblems probably everyone is going to asume that we work for them"

Sure, armor is a great protection, and he felt pretty comfortable in it but if they needed to be subtle, it was not goign to help

Satisfied that they can talk with confidence Geoff grabs a beer and sits down. Agreeing with Mia he says, "We definitely need to gather information. Anyone know anything about the Iron Feather syndicate? He thoughtfully take a sip of his drink. "I have a buddy from another squad that I think knows a lot about them. I can go talk to him about them. I do think at least one of us needs to infiltrate them and gain their trust. The question is; who?"

"That would be nice. I know some members of the Aether and Aegis. If the Iron Feathers are that much problem, probably they know something about them" she said, offering her own sources of information.

Taking a drink from her cup, she mulled the idea of an spy "That would need a lot of coordination, but I think it can be done. I would offer to go myself but... I don't think I'm the correct person, too used to the military and too law abiding" she said grimacing "Also, if we do that, we will need to alert at least the Lieutenant, so he knows whoever is the spy has not turned back on us. It could help also with the covers"

"I think it could be easier to find an informant, I do not think all member of the Iron Feathers are there by their own will"

"We'll definitely tell the lieutenant but not many others because who knows if there's a mole in the department or not." Taking in the idea of an informant Geoff says, "That's good too. We can use the informant and then use him, or her, to help get one or two of us in if needed."

Taking another sip he presses his lips together deep in thought. "The question remains; how do we find one? I can ask my buddy but he might now know."

Saphira sipped her own drink, listening carefully to the conversation. She had been surprised that the waitress had taken her order without any more than a strange look, after all she pretty much looked like a ten year old ordering alcohol.

"They sound like very sound plans," Saphira says thoughtfully, tilting her head. "I have a few contacts, but I doubt any of them would have any information of use. I have not heard of the Iron Feather's until now. And if all else fails, I am willing to infiltrate them if absolutely neccesary. Absolutely.


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