One: Reassignment

"Nah, no way we get desk duty." Melanie brightens at the mention of
Cranberry juice is my favorite drink. Not necessarily Melanie's but she likes all types of juice.
juice. "Oh, thanks! I'll have some!"

The two next people to arrive are ones Melanie does not recognize, but she shakes the hand of Dendara without hesitation and smiles at Geoffrey as he walks in. "Nice to meet you!" She continues to observe them, wondering what her new teammates will be like, as she sips the juice.

Saphira whistles as she walks through the streets towards the watch patrol station, not seeming to be at all put off by the bad weather. She had woke a bit later than she had expected, but what did it matter being late couldn't exactly add to her already bad files... could it? Saf gave a slight shrug as these thoughts flitt through her head, reaching the headquarters. She raises an eyebrow as she looks up at the building, dark eyes scanning it.

"What a lovely place," she mutters sarcastically to herself, even though a wide smile was still pasted across her round face. She pushes open the towering door before her, scuttling in to find she is the last one there. She glances around all the big folk, tugging at one her sandy braids. She takes a moment to just glance at the five people in the room, not managing to deduce which of the four where her teammates.

"Saphira Oakstaff, reporting for duty!" Saf salutes to all the other's in the way she had been taught by her last squad, face a picture of comic seriousness. Any truth in it is thrown away by the mischief sparkling in the depths of her dark brown eyes. The tiny halfling cranes her neck to look up at everything, yet her diminutive height doesn't seem to put her off anything. It's slightly obvious that she's been reassigned rather than being new to the Knights of the Gate.

Watching the latest girl to arrive Geoff can't help but think, They put me with a bunch of girls. Don't tell me I got assigned to a sissy group. The boys are gonna love this when they hear about it.

Nodding to Saphira he says, "Good size for a group. Wonder what we'll be doing." Sissy stuff I'm sure, he thinks.

Melanie walks over to greet Saphira as well. "Nice to meet you! I'm Melanie, but you can call me Mel if you want." She offers a friendly smile to the other two members. "Any of you can."

The secretary, inundated by the sudden appearance of everyone else, quickly dug out three more glasses and poured juice for the rest of them. Just as the idle chatter began to pick up in volume, a door slammed on the far end of the building, followed by a loud curse. Moira sighed knowingly and put the beverage tray aside, then pointed to a small glowing orb on the corner of her desk. "That would be the captain now. Just wait, he'll call in a huff. Three, two..."

The orb let off a clicking sound, and then a gruff and angry male voice came through. "Thundering sea drakes! Moira! Have those new transfers showed up yet?" Moira fixed her glasses and winked at the four women and one man in the front lobby, then tapped the communications orb.
"They just got here, captain."
"Well, don't just stand there offering them coffee and smokesticks, get 'em in my office now!" The orb clicked off, and dimmed as the connection ended.

Moira sighed and motioned for everyone to follow her. "Don't mind him, he's just in a foul mood because of his new diet."


Captain Phillip Sakfey's office was in the very back of the building, upraised so everyone with a desk on the floor was forced to look up at him through his large plate glass window. There were no chairs in his office except his own, and the room smelled strongly of cigar smoke and ageworn paper. The leader of the Veyranstown Watch Patrol was standing by his outer facing window, chomping away angrily on a celery stick. He wore a rumpled white shirt which did nothing to hide his paunch, and suspenders to keep his pants from disappearing underneath it. His coat was thrown roughly over his desk, covering his inbox.

He turned his head around and stared hard at all of them. "So, you're the new rookies."

Melanie has to resist the urge to laugh at the secretary's words. Seeing the captain crunching at celery makes her even more amused. She does her best to keep a straight face and puts a hand to her head in a salute. "Yes, sir!" Mentally she wonders what Chris' first reaction to the captain had been.

One in the office Geoff snaps to attention, snaps his hand to his brow to salute and, in a disciplined manner, says, "Sir, yes sir! Geoffrey Morrison reporting for duty sir!"

Saphira shrugs slightly, mostly to herself, as she followed the rest of the group into the Captain's office. She continues to fiddle with one of her braids, staying at the back of the group as much as possible and just trying to be as unnoticed as possible. She can't help but giggle very quietly in a childish manner as she sees the Captain, celery stick and all. She quickly pulls a straight face, though the corners of her mouth twitch as she tries to restrain a smile.
"Yes... Sir!" she added the Sir as an after thought, as if she forgot it.

Dendara doesn't bat an eyelash at the stark contrast between the reception area and the Captain's office. If she does, it's difficult to tell from all the powder in her eyes.

"Aye, sir." She snaps to attention, her chin straight and her thighs pressed closely together. Her chest is thrust outwards, and it's somewhat obvious that she wears tight-fitting leather armor for a reason.

She may have let a smirk play across her face as Geoff joined the room, although she hadn't the opportunity to retract her statement, or make any jokes regarding it. She was sure she'd have the opportunity later.

"Sir, yes sir!" replied Mia promptly at his question. She had followed the group silently after the order, not really wanting to put her superior in an already fouler mood.

The group seemed interesting, almost an all girl group. She knew that some people dubbed these groups as weakers, but for the they were not only stronger, but also they adapt more asily and can do better some jobs, like intelligence.


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