One: Reassignment

Now that she had persmission, Mia relaxed a bit and actually took a look at the other squad members, noticing the embarrased blush of the halfling that seemed to be a troublemaker, and the uncomfortable expression of the other. Maybe she had judged too soon, she will need to ammend that.

Taking her badge, sha carefully pinned it to her cloak with a small smile of pride. Geoff's question seemed well placed, and as Melania and Saphira exited the office, she kept her place, awaiting the information, though after a minute she shook her head. "Lieutenant Parnassus would have more details of the situation, Geoff. That's why we're reporting to him" she said "Understood, Captain".

Saluting her superior, she said her goodbyes to Miss Greene and quickly catched up with the others. "I'm sorry I was not able to introduce my self before. Meara Agnis, though everybody calls me Mia" she said smiling "I know that for Mel and me this is our fist assignment, what about you? Are you new to the Swords also?" she asked with polite curiosity

Nodding to the captain after his response Geoff gives a slight smirk to Meara as he follows her out of the office. What? She trying to show me up or something? he thinks.

Along with Meara, Geoff catches up with the other girls. I really hope none if the other guys see me with these girls. Nodding to Mia he says, "Guys in my unit call me Geoff. Since you're all my unit now feel free to call me Geoff."

Finding a pebble to kick Geoff adds, "I've been in the Swords for a little while. This isn't my first assignment but I'm still a bit of a rookie yeah.

"It seems that we're all rookies. This is going to be intereseting" Mia commented as they walked, giving a small wave to one of she shopkeepers that greeted her warmly. "if you ever want a sweet treat, those are the best fruit and honey cakes. Mrs Anya is an awesome baker" she commented pointing to the woman she just greeted.

She kept a light pace, though not fast enoguh to be running or even jogging "Geoff, Saphira, Dendara? Where are you from, have you been here long?" she asked trying to keep conversation, and also learn from them. The first thing was to learn the layout of every new place and if they had jusr arrived, they would need a quick tour

"I've actually been in the swords for a while..." Saphira pipes up, craning her neck once again to look at Mea. She's certain that she was going to have neck cramp by the end of the day, but she was used to being among tall folk by now. "I've been reassigned... due to... certain complications, I guess..." She gave a slight nervous cough, emotionfull brown eyes scanning their surroundings.

"I actually come from Maundelay, though I've been here in Ashra for a while... This place specifically? Not very long..." Saf smiled brightly as she fiddled with her badge, having not put it on yet. She was thinking slightly, mostly about what Captain Safkey had said. The last thing she wanted was to be confined to a desk for however long... she would get pretty stircrazy. Maybe she should take a break from her... mischief. Saf suddenly looked up, eyes twinkling.

"Oh yeh, forgot to mention you guys can call me Saf if you want," she announced cheerfully, grinning rather childishly. Actually if she didn't have a shortsword at her hip she would look exactly like a very young human child, after all her chainshirt was hidden under her normal clothes. Even the many braids her hair was formed of didn't make her look any older.

Dendara doesn't seem particularly surprised by the assignment, and despite the recommendation to relax, she still offers a stiff salute as she heads out the door with the others.

She smirks at the conversations going on about her, and lets out a laugh at Geoff's introduction.

"Aw, Geoff. That's cute! Well we're not your good 'ol mates in your old unit, so don't expect to be slacking off any time soon."

She grins, flashing a friendly smile.

She listens to Mia's chatter and Saphira's introduction, and nods to Saf as she finishes.

"I suppose this is my first day in the Swords officially, but I've held one since I was tall enough to walk. Ashra is my old home too, Saf. Come from Crannogh Heights."

She walks fluidly, her hips swaying gently as if strung across an invisible line in the air.

She flashes half a smile at the others, obviously pleased to be out and walking, even through the rain and towards the wharf on what amounted to customs work.

"And no, I don't have a nickname."

Geoff stoops down quickly to pick up a stray button. In reality it was so that the ladies would pass him a little bit. Standing up he checks out the swaying hops of Dendara. "This might be a girly group but I'm sure gonna enjoy the view, he thinks smiling a little to himself.

Answering Mia' question he says, Gatehold, born and raised. As you heard mention my father was in the GBI. Hope to make it there someday. Gotta put in my dues first though.

After examining the button a little he tosses it back over his shoulder.

Dendara catches the glance and presses her lips together in a knowing smile, but says nothing.

"Born and raised here? Interesting. Understand having to put in your dues, I suppose. Provided things stay interesting, I'm happy to do so."

She checks her sword, gripping the hilt in her left hand, tugging gently, and making sure it's free in its sheath. Their approach to the wharf merits due caution, after all.

Mia managed to catch a glance at Geoff's expression, and rolled her eyes with a hint of exasperation. Dendara seemed a good woman, thought Mia was already frustrated with the interaction between her and Geoff "Good Lords" she mumbled, giving her male teamate a displeased look

"Gatehold, mm? I was there a few times with my famlily. Father is an Aerther, so he had to do some work there. Interesting place" she said curtly, but managing to keep a polite tone. "What would you say to a tour of the city? Once our shift is over" she offered.

As they approached their destination, Mia also checked the straps of her sword at her back, and that her cloak was not interfering with the steath. She had not ventured much through these places, not really needed to do so.

"Does anyone else here not have some important, amazing or special father?" Saphira's words havd a hint of exasperation, but her smile and eyes are teasing as the little woman looks up at the others with raised, fair eyebrows. She had zoned out for a small amount of time, thinking about... things. She hadn't really payed attention to the coversation up until that point. She noticed both Dendara and Mia reaching for their weapons and tilts her head slightly, a couple of sandy braids falling across her round face. She glances down at her scabbard, just checking her sword was still there and that her slingshot was still in her belt. She then shrugged and continued to walk, slightly behind the others as she had to scurry to keep up. Suddenly she began whistling, a rather catchy tune albeit very annoying. And she didn't exactly whistle quietly, but loudly in an obnoxious manner.

Dendara chuckles.

"My dad's a smith. He means the world to me, so while not 'important', he's important to me."

She looks thoughtful for a moment, hands swinging at her sides as she almost dances along to Saf's whistling, not really paying attention to its harshness.

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