One: Reassignment

Melanie has no idea on the interaction between Geoffrey and Dendara. She responds to Saphira brightly. "My parents have both been Gatekeepers for a long time. I don't think their ranks are anything astounding, but they have a lot of experience! My entire family's associated with them, since I'm part of them and my brother is too."

Saphira stops whistling momentarily to reply, smiling at Dendara first.

"Well at least someone else has a normal father... Of course he's important to you, though," her eyes twinkle merrily as she turns her gaze, and smile, to Melanie.

"Gosh... My family's nothing like that. My parents where farmers, I think, and all seven of my siblings went on to be something boring... I believe," She shrugged with a cheery smile. "Though I'm pretty glad I'm part of the Gatekeepers...

"In my case is only Dad. He's an Aether, yes but he has no high rank. Still... a father is a daughter's greatest hero, most of the time" Mia said smiling.

As they turned a corner, a small man came out of a shop and came to the group at a quick pace "Mia, lass! So you finally are a Sword!" he said huging the young woman
"Hello Mr Blesst. Yes, I got my fist assignment. These are Melanie, Saphira, Dendara and Geoffrey, my partners" Mia replied with a hint of embarrasment presenting the group "This is Arch Bresst, a very good potion maker"
"Mia here exagerates, though if you ever need something liquid, come here and I'll see what I can do. As long as is not dangerous" said the old man seriously to the group, before cracking a smile "Get going lads, you don't want to be late wherever you need to be. Mia, come to see me later, I have the potions your mother requested"
"I'll do that, sir" said Mia waving goodbye to the man and grinning sheepishly "Sorry about that. Mr Blesst tends to be a bit... exuberant" she commented blushing a bit.

In due time, they made their way to the Docks District of Veyranstown, which was connected to the seedy Warrens neighborhood, populated mostly by low income families and plagued with petty crime. The dockhouse, which had a sign bearing the Watch Patrol sigil hanging on a high post close to the building, was easily located. Before they could enter, a squad of Patrolmen exited the building, looking harried and unfocused. They were followed by a scowling fellow with curly brown hair, a cloak, and a long scar under his right eye.

"Yeah, we're all overworked, just get to it! And no slip-ups this time, Horace, I catch a ship's crew offloading contraband while you're ogling a loosely dressed woman, you'll have my foot up your a..." The fellow stopped midsentence as the five newly arrived Swords wandered into his line of sight.

He looked to be in his mid-thirties, and wore the years as wrinkles and aggravated laugh lines. Still, there was a strong air of leadership and charisma about him that his gruff appearance couldn't hide completely. He ran a hand through his hair and nodded to all of them. "Morning. I got a call from Captain Sakfey about ten minutes ago. You my new help?"

As soon as the Leiutenant spoke, Mia saluted and nodded at his question "Yes sir, Swords Oakstaff, Ptolemy, Songwood, Morrison and Agnis reporting for duty" she said presenting each member of the unit. It would do no good if he confused them.

Dendara winces as she's referred to by her last name. She'd had enough of that in basic.

"Dendara, if you please."

The statement was made so that the man they'd met could hear, as well as Mia.

"Where are the documents, and what ships are we inspecting? Have they already made berth?"

Lieutenant Parnassus dug into a satchel hanging from his shoulder and handed Dendara a clipboard with an attached pencil. Several sheets of paper were clipped to it, and seemed to have carbon duplicates underneath.

"These are the standard forms for berthing here at the Veyranstown docks. You'll need to take down the name of the ship, the captain, where they sailed from, and most importantly, a check of their cargo manifest. On occasion, we've had some crews try to smuggle in contraband: Ashran specialty magics, controlled substances, bootlegged alcohol, that sort of thing. Be sure you keep your eyes open, and that their documentation is in order. If you get in a scuffle, use the Patrol callboxes at the Piers to call for help if you need it."

He scratched idly at his scar and scowled. "As if we didn't have enough problems in this neighborhood because of the Iron Feathers Syndicate...listen, ordinarily I'd go with you on your first customs check, but we're swamped here with ships to see to. I'm putting you in charge of checking the ship docked at Pier 24." He pointed in the direction they needed to go, and the five Watch Patrol officers could make out a medium-sized cargo ship whose hull was painted bright red. The foremast was snapped, and the sails were in shambles. "The captain has refused any of our dockside repair teams' assistance in repairing his ship. He's been adamant about putting in and getting his crew some shore leave, and frankly, his obstinance has been grating on me. See if you can't convince him to follow procedure."

"Ok, there are no stupid questions here" though Mia frowning in cofusion

"Excuse me Sir but I just wanted to confirm. Procedure is, check the ship, confirm the cargo manifest. File the papers and then the crew can have shore leave?"

The training did not cover this, so she was guesisng based con common sense. And the comment about the Iron Feathers concerned her, it was not a name you heard often

Mia thinks she's heard of the Iron Feathers Syndicate in passing, but more specific information eludes her. They might be a more localized problem.
Intelligence check

The lieutenant nodded. "You'll also need to collect their berthing fees. They're part of what keeps the Gatekeepers running, after all; cargo ships are required to pay a ten gold per day docking fee, and if they don't have a company warehouse established, it'll be another twenty gold to rent onshore cargo space. Oh, something else: It's standard operating policy to record any arms and materials recovered in search and seizure." He gestured to his sword. "I got this from a raid on a smuggling ship a year back, got to keep it too. The higher-ups just want a record of everything: We're law enforcement, not looters. If it helps you in the course of your work, you get to keep it...HQ just wants to make sure there's no corruption or under-the-table dealings."

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