Applications Thread

Applications Thread

Place your apps here.

Place holder!

Name: Saphira 'Saf' Poppy Oakstaff
Class: Swordsage
Race: Halfling


Name: Melanie Songwood
Class: Warblade
Race: Elf


Name: Meara "Mia" Agnis
Class: Crussader
Race: Half-Elf

Name: Suj, of the Whirling Chain
Class: Crusader
Race: Human

Posting Rate: Well... it seems to be >6 atm.

Class: Warblade
Race: Human

*** Done!***

Name: Geoffrey Morrison
Class: Swordsage
Race: Human

Name: Flanuran "Nuri"
Class: Swordsage
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female

The name, somewhat accidentally, comes from the location in Egypt of the Temple of Hathor (goddess of feminine love and fertility), which is built on the ancient site of Ta-ynt-netert or "She of the Divine Pillar".
Mechanically speaking, Dendara will be a Swordsage, but her belief system is more of a warrior priestess of Calyssa Rosequeen.
Race: Human

Name: Ryan Maguin
Class: Warblade
Race: Human

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