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David Briaggi

David Briaggi
David Briaggi (28) is one of the best known children's authors and illustrators of the english language, known for his prolific body of work, vivid illustrations, and public speaking appearances ranging from Sesame Street to the White House. He's been favorably compared to Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl–no mean feat considering he has yet to turn 30.

David has always been bright, and more than a few of his teachers, friends, and professors have had little trouble making the jump to call him a genius. He grew up in the suburbs of Boston, eventually going to the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in Creative Writing and Illustration. A scarce month after graduating, David released his first book: The Friendly Shadow, a story about a shadow that lived under a kids bed who eventually teams up with the kid to catch a host of other monsters. The Friendly Shadow won him the Geisel award, and each year since he has either won or earned an honorable mention for both the Geisel award and Newbery Medal.

David is currently engaged to his girlfriend of six years, a lawyer and U Penn classmate named Adrianna Paoletta. Through a combination of smart business deals and sensible investments, he has managed to turn his creative success into a not unsizeable fortune.

Personally, David is known for his overabundance of energy. He often becomes consumed by a project, pursuing it to the detriment of sleep and social life. Stories seem to seek out David: several of his friends joke that if you hang out with him long enough, something bizarrely weird will happen to you.


Wealth (Filthy Rich) [50]
Talent (Storyteller; Artist, Public Speaking, Acting, Performance, Writing; Reaction Bonus to those who've seen him tell a story or read his work) 3 [15]
Charisma 1 [5]
Independent Income 5 [5]
Reputation 4 (Kids, Parents, and Children's literature Affectionados, recognized sometimes) [5]
Versatile [5]
Adrianna Paoletta (75% point value, Ally and Dependent, Fairly often for both) [-1]
Alcohol Intolerance [-1]
Broad-Minded [-1]
Imaginative [-1]
Likes Good Coffee [-1]
Minor Addiction: Caffeine [-1]
Light Sleeper [-5]
Skinny [-5]
Selfess (CR:12) [-5]
Vow (Vegetarianism) [-5]
Workaholic [-5]
Thallassophobia (Oceans, CR: 15 almost all the time) [-5]
Insomniac (Mild) [-10]
Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]
Sense of Duty: Children [-10]
Weirdness Magnet [-15]

Acting 17 [1]
Artist (Drawing) 18 [4]
Body Language 14 [1]
Computer Operations/TL8 15 [1]
Current Affairs/TL8 15 [1]
Diplomacy 13 [1]
Economics 13 [1]
Finance 14 [2]
First Aid/TL8 15 [1]
Gesture 15 [1]
Linguistics 13 [1]
Literature 13 [1]
Psychology 13 [1]
Public Speaking 19 [2]
Writing 19 [4]
Detect Lies 13 [1]
Running 11 [1]

If the custom storyteller talent isn't ok, I can figure out some other way to spend the points.

Power Level: Medium
Recently, David has discovered a talent for bending light and sound, creating illusions with his mind. While he has experimented on his own, he has attempted to keep his psionic abilities private.

Inter, the character is alright, no problem with the talent.

Your choice of medium power is fine. I would however point out that from the powers you describe sounds like a super ability, not a psionic one. Are you controlling light and sound or projecting the image into the minds of those around you?

Both choices are acceptable but the control ability is going to be tough as your going to have to take telekinesis at high power levels to make it pay off.

I'd do the physical part. I was assuming the basic set distinction, where everything dealing with matter was lumped under psychokinesis. Psionic Powers has a few more subdivisions, suggesting ergokinesis (power over electromagnetic energy as being distinct from kinetic energy), which would separate light out from sound. I'm fine with just having light, depending on how you clump abilities.

which you can fake by taking a higher level of telekinesis and putting control under it as an alternate ability.

Name: Johnny Drake
Age 38

Concept : hard-boiled private detective

Description: tall and physically fit, has a strong will, an high sense of duty towards his clients and hes stubborn enough to keep going regardless whos the opponent, working for the weak he tends to bend the rules to catch a criminal, intimidation and percussive persuasion are two of the most common ways, but in the end he’s a good guy, with his trench coat, hat and a cigarette

Backstory: Drake life was quite simple, a poor soul knocking at the door with no money and a big problem asking help, an old friend with problem asking help or Jane calling with a problem
Solving problems, old and new, that’s his job and he like it, with a photo, a fist or nice words he fix problems, often these problems are politicians, criminals, businessmen that kind of people with money and low morality that don’t mind stepping on someone else to gain more power

Jane, she deserve mention, shes an invaluable ally and occasionally a troublemaker, shes a not so famous but very skilled journalist, with many contacts and extensive knowledge of technical fields, very smart and curious, a nice person, while the two like and respect each other there is no relationship, just friends, something more would cause more problems given their jobs
But Drake life hasn’t just good sides, theres always a bottle of whisky close to him and he smoke too much, not very healthy, however he seem to not care, doesn’t plan to live that long

about powers, as said it will be telekinesis, freaking powerful, able to alter the binding force between molecules...high level for me

Rudra, sheet looks good, you will want to decide where your local knowledge if for. Did you want low, medium, or high.

i dont know where the game will take place(it will be my area knowledge)

last line of my previous post, high level

been awful quiet. I will give it a bit more before deciding if the game will be closed or start.

I see two characters. Were there any other takers? What is the minimum number of players you are requesting? Can you wait through the weekend? I have very limited time tonight and a party Friday night. It'll be Saturday before I can even start working on a character. Most likely I won't be finished with one until Sunday.


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