Just some chat

Just some chat

The game has officially begun, although I'm sure it had already begun for many of you, the applicants have been selected and the game is on!

For a roll of 4D+1, something like this can work:

[ dice]3d6+1[ /dice] + [ dice]1d6e[ /dice]

You have to do the extra addition for the Wild Die, but it keeps it separate.

It's definately my favorite part of the system. Anything is possible in star wars. Farm boy Luke swings across a bottom-less pit, while carrying his sister, no problem. Jar Jar Binks is the guy that set in motion a series of events in which Emperor Palpatine comes to power. Anything can happen.

I'm good to move on if you all are.

I assume that it's okay for Erich to join? And that we'll get the contact's description and other information to find him on Cloud City?


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