Just some chat

Actually I'm about to post another thread and kick off the game for real

I am sorry for the delay in posting I'm hoping to have one up today

Just as a FYI, I'm in the path of Frankenstorm (to hit later tonight), so if I'm not on in the next couple of days, it's because my power or internet is probably out.

Hey guys. I just wanted to say I'm playing up a character I think I'd probably see in the Clone Wars cartoon. I hope no one takes what I'm posting as a reflection of what I think. Picture him as a curmudgeon, Jayne-like butthead. I have the thought that he'll grow to be likable. With time.

I'm going to admit that I don't really find it fun to be on the end of it, and I try to not exclude others when I role-play.

Yeah. After I did it. I was like "Am I really going to play out this jerk like this?" And so I wanted to say something. Please don't take it to heart. Establishing his butt-headedness and dour outlook on everything was a choice I wanted to get across. I'll not do that a lot. If you are a fan of Firefly, then possibly look at it as a scene between Jayne and Simon.

As a player, I want to play this game with you guys. By no means am I trying to become the dominant player or anything.

No worries here mate! It's just your character interacting with mine, nothing personal and all

I enjoy it. It's a real character. Considering the story type little dark is good.


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