Character Generation

Looks like specialty priest may also be out of the question. There are a couple of deities that I could worship, but the vast majority have attribute requirements that I cannot meet in order to be a specialty priest.

Because of the attribute thing, I am formally withdrawing my interest and my application. I think it's better for the game if someone who gets a decent roll or two gets in with the character they want to play instead of me having mostly average to below-average rolls playing a character that I don't want to play.

Nothing personal, just don't think any character I'd be able to create at this point would keep me interested. I'm all for the rules you set forward, but the rolls I got just didn't cut it for me to play. Oh well!

@ Scarecrow, Ok no problem. Just let me know what you decide on.

@chichirineko, now that's an idea that I can go with, and the roleplaying possiblities would be hilarious! Let's do this

I know you did. But in order to play something that I want to play I'd need a boost to multiple attributes. And that's not fair because the rules clearly state 3d6, live with what you roll.

Believe me when I say I looked at multiple possibilities here, and nothing will work. Well, nothing that I am interested in playing will work with the attributes I rolled. It's not that big of a deal, really.


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