Welcome to you all, the successful Gods.

As soon as you have accepted the game invitation I will put up your own section containing a couple of threads, one for your God, one for your people, one for miracles that we have worked out and one for miracle creation.

I will also be putting up some pre-made miracles for everyone to look at. There is also some more character creation to fulfill regarding miracle styles and tribe creation, but I will go through all this with each of you as you come on.

Feels good to be one of them who made it. Can't wait.

Thanks for the invite into the game. I was getting kind of scared when no one replied to my application post. I really don't know how to play this game, so hopefully we'll have some learning sessions before we get started. Can't wait!

As long as you all recognize that you are rightfully my loyal minions, we'll do just great! =D


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