Playing the game is relatively simple, you, as a God, tell your people what you want them to do and they do their best to get it completely wrong The game revolves around conflicts both internal and external so there is always something to be doing. I intend to open the game with simple randomized events just help you get a feel before throwing proper plot at you.

Has anyone read, "Mortal Coils" by Eric Nylund or its sequel, this game reminds me of the books. All the characters are considered gods or angels and shows their personal lives and their struggles against one another. Pretty good book.

Sorry for the radio silence, I haven't been well and thus not on a computer. I hope to have the first post up for the everyone's game on Monday.

Sounds good and don't worry flu season is creeping up on everyone.

Each of you now has a post. This should hopefully act as a jumping off point so we can develop your tribe together and begin your interaction with the world.

Have fun!

A quick note on tribes, I am happy to create names for tribe members, although if you'd rather do it, that is okay too. I will be keeping your tribe threads up to date with information

So, is there any reaction with the other gods or is it just us in our separate forums? Is anyone even playing?

I'm still here and miracling it up.


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