Well I finally found a theme song that sounds appropriate -- although I have to admit the lyrics are not in line but if you just listen to the tune sort like a non-lyric song it conveys a feeling I think that matches the character concept I hope. By the way its not really called Vitas II but Opera II by Vitas ... Vitas II just seemed catchier

I'm fairly certain that the Unknown Hidden Power was just never updated when they changed Hidden Power's damage in 1.28 or 9 or somewhere in that vicinity. You would use the player's handbook version.

Also, current precedent vis a vis daily features are 5 successful uses (see: my healing berry find feature), so one could make the argument that it would be fair for you to be able to have 6 unknown that are letters of your choice, but you have to roll all the hidden powers. I wouldn't say it's quite the same myself, but it is an argument that could be made.

Yes I am sure all sorts of arguments can be put out there and I have noticed that you tend to put a fair share of negative ones out there -- but sometimes its just kind of nice to let the GM run the game ya know. Still on the flip side I only have 2 pokemon just like everyone else (well except MadHatter who only has one) and both of them are only level 10. On the plus side one of my pokemon has a bit more abilities than most other pokemon at 10th level on the downside it will eventually have a whole lot less since Unnowns never gain new Moves. They have that one single Move and that is it. Very mono-dimensional pokemon not too many like them out there. Further my character is already slated at working at building 2 more Greater Unowns that encompass all of the Types and use 21 different Unowns using the same method that he used to make the first one so he'll be making lots of rolls (4-5 each day ... 1 to Summon... 1 to Channel... 1 to gauge Power... and 1 to gauge Type... and one to determine which Unown in case he does not get to pick which one) and most likely letting a lot of them go as not fitting the criterion he needs. Not something anyone else is going to be doing but then I probably won't be doing many of the things that other players will be doing either.

Now I know as a GM -- I myself will often work with the aesthetics of a character and as long as everything seems rather balanced I tend to be okay with things not being cookie cutter uniform across the board. Heck my character already has 29 pokemon in his pokedex which means that my character has 27 more pokemon that my character cannot use towards gaining a new level than any other player has (that I am aware of) because they are already incorporated into my current levels. However, being what he is and considering his background I cannot really see him not having recorded each and every one of the Unown pokemon types that he basically summoned over the years.

Lastly you will find me to be a GM and a player that prefers (as long as its not unbalancing) to find ways to get things to work (aka a can do attitude) rather than telling folks how things cannot work (aka a can not attitude) but then I kind of do that for a living ... finding solutions to problems is my trade.

Jeer, if Reemos allowed someone to start with a Scyther, probably isn't going to be a huge deal to start with a Letter Pressed Unown. It's a very powerful Pokemon, true, but I think it'll be fine. So he starts with two Pokemon that are MUCH stronger then the normal curve, if Reemos is okay with it he'll get into the game. If Reemos is NOT okay with it he won't, it's as simple as that.

You make a good point Darchias, but I do feel obligated to at least provide a middle ground between 'one normal unknown period' and '7-pressed, letters of my choice, types of my choice, and max power' using precedence on a vaguely similar situation. I don't have an inherent problem with the ideas behind the app, even if I think some of the details are inappropriate (stocked a full heal as a 'status curing item'?).

My point is, you might want to dial it back a bit DeJoker, this seems... excessive in places. I can't really comment on Sigilyph's suitability, but it does seem like a thematic complement to an Unknown.

Oh and just so you all know I did not go -- hey I will just go with this and this is the way it is going to be -- nope not my style --- I asked and doubled checked along the way with Reemos to make sure each piece was okay constantly soliciting feed back to make sure he was okay with each and every piece --- granted I am still waiting to hear back from him on a few of the items and I am quite prepared to make any tweaks to the character to align him with what he wants.

My purpose is to make a fun flavorful character that the GM can have fun running, I can have fun playing and the other players can have fun interacting with. Or least that is my aim as it is with most the games I play in.

I have absolutely no problem on the 7-pressed part, or even the letter selection, all completely kosher as far as I'm concerned. It's the fact that you've picked the attack types and assumed max power when you haven't even stocked the feature that allows you to reroll them that bothers me.

And private correspondence with the GM tends to make people assume none at all, as lots of other people have used a very public forum for their questions. Visibility is important after all.

Edit: You know what? This isn't even my business, if you already okayed it with Reemos it's fine by me. No big deal at all. I just needed to know that you did.

Do you mean the Rewrite Feature ?? If yes then ... yeah had that ability available to to him when he was working on this initial Greater Unown -- granted he did not have it but his mom or dad did ... one of them is actually a Rune Master not sure which one and since in either story it was immaterial and basically did not need to be answered until later on I have never answered that question because I am a bit torn as to who it should be.

As for my character having Rewrite I did not take it because... well.... dang I miss read that feature --- I thought it said for only a brief period of time like change it for a battle -- I did not realize that it was meant as a permanent Rewrite going to have to go back an painfully figure out what Feature to remove so I can add that one because -- yeah his back story sort denotes that he should probably have that one <sigh> --- oh and thanks for pointing that out ... as I said I miss read that feature the first few times I read it.

Next I do not understand why what someone else is doing bothers you when it has absolutely no affect upon you or your character. I found that strange each time I saw you nitpicking over someone else's character. Now grant you had you approached me with questions about why I did not take Rewrite and pointed out to me how I misread it when you found out that I had --- the problem would have been solved in a much more congenial manner but for some reason you choose to take the "attack" the player and their character concept -- they must be purposefully creating something horribly wrong and/or min-maxing or power-mongering or munckinizing or some such. I can assure you I am none of those I am working an aesthetical concept that was created and written long before I knew what a GM would and/or would not allow. So perhaps you should examine your methodologies and stop being antagonistic and instead approach it in a much more humble manner and try to be helpful --- as the old adage goes you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Oh and btw I stocked the Full Heal because Aguro did (mainly because I was using his sheet to sort of pattern mine after). Now I was initially going to take an Antidote but the Full Heal was better and I am not really sure what the GMs intention was with this but it is a one shot item -- once used gone forever. If its too much then I'll dial it back I have absolutely no problems with that.

BTW you just made it a whole lot easier for me to engineer a fully Letter Pressed Unown to match the criterion I need for those other 2 Greater Unowns I need to make. Here I thought I was going to be at the mercy of a whole bunch of rolls to get the right combination of the 1d4 and the 1d17 -- now I can get whatever then focus on each one individually until have what I need.

Oh and if you have not noticed I took Ancient Pulse for background story purposes as well --- I have yet to have anyone tell me what that power is good for within the Pokemon World and for the most part its rather useless except well I kind of need it for a gift my father is giving me which is currently a fuzzy peach.

I didn't even notice Arguro did the full heal in my defense, but I fully admit that I frequently bungle social approaches, and text's lack of context just makes things much worse. But let me tell you, I wasn't attacking you at all. There was already a conversation vis a vis the suitability of the type picking and the prime unknown, and I was providing an alternative that uses the only thing I can use as a player: Precedent from previous rulings.

As I said, none of my business, I was trying to help you under the premise that you didn't confirm all of that with Reemos beforehand, which is something that happens when such conversations are private, and seeing as how you did do so, my help was meaningless. Hands washed of this.

One last thing, if you're going to replace something for Rewrite, Ancient Pulse might be a good thing to replace.

Yeah it would have but as I said -- I took Ancient Pulse because of background story purposes -- I need it for something I have or basically the same reason I have a fully pressed fully engineered Unown ... its mostly for purposes of adhering to the the fluff of things.... never been much of one to do all that min-maxing ... which does not mean I won't try to be efficient at times just it not my primary focus most of the time.

Now I would much rather have that Pickup Capability that your pokemon has as that is a much more useful ability that simply is by far in a games like these (in general) a much more useful feature and basically a cornicopia of continuously free stuff over and over and over again --- but hey I am cool with it

Note again as I said had you approached it in a less antagonistic manner it would have been received much better --- just trying to help you out with your communication skills --- I saw you state that before but as that other adage goes -- insanity is doing the same thing and expecting to get different results ... or in other words its kind of like planting soybeans and expecting to harvest corn ... it just ain't gonna happen... so if you approach it by asking questions about the why rather than seeming to assume the worst (or at least sounding that way) -- you are going to get much more congenial responses and not rock the boat so much each time you are addressing perhaps a real issue. I hope that helps you some.


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