Just pointing out, but you might want to double check your features, the names of them and their listed effects are mismatched.

Also, there is no possible way to respond to your words without being a huge jerk, so I'll just let it rest. I'm done.

I would, also, like to point out that I wasn't intending a Full heal/Restore to be one of your 'cure' items, I ment one of the basic ones like antidote.

Check then I will make that adjustment no problems and Reemos can you check that PM thread I had some questions and ideas I was hoping to hear back from you on.

Thanks Requiem_Jeer fixed it and noticed something that changed things a bit Channel Friend says STR 16 --OR-- WIS 16 I had read that as STR 16 --AND-- WIS 16 ... that makes a world of difference.

Hey Reemos I still need your ruling on which version of the Hidden Power you want me using for my Unowns -- the generic one that all pokémon use or the one that is specifically listed under the Unowns?? As I stated I think it might have been left there purposefully since that is the only Move the Unown have and perhaps they do it better than any other pokémon <shrug> or it could be as Darchias stated a typo. Just let me know how you want to run this.

DeJoker, the standard version of hidden power has a higher average damage.

Hmmm yeah but what I noticed when I was setting up the charts was that the Standard has a more logical scaling minimum damage increases steadily rather than going up then down -- so I am guessing Darchias was right that they noticed this inconsistency and corrected for it but did not correct it in both places . I guess I will go with the standard although while it gives a higher average it also tends to give average more often than the other version and will never hit the same maximum as the other either. <shrug> No big deal mind you I was not really worried about how much damage it did just that he has spent a lot of time selecting and refining this Greater Unown so it should at its peak.

I have to know: are you pronouncing the name Hee-eh-ro, the Japanese pronunciation, or Hye-ro, as in 'heiroglyphics', the obvious inspiration for the name.

Its pronounced more like the Japanese except the R is sort of rolled and slurred and no "eh" so more like Hee-hrrroe but yes the inspiration was Hye-ro as in Heiroglyphics the concept being is that he is the Hero of Heiroglyphics

So... Hiro, but with an extra E for no reason.


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