Castle Malone

Castle Malone

Name: Castle Malone

Wishlist: While I am not starting with any there are still a few awesome ones. First any of the gen 2 starters they are all awesome. Larvitar. I have a major crush on eevees, I love almost all their evolution too except for leafeon. A sneasel. Seal. Dratini. Crobat but screw Zubat and Golbat. Gligar. And a paralyzed Tailow.
I can come up with text heavy stuff but am having trouble figuring out how you build a character for the first time. Alright so I am going to take ace trainer class. Then take levels in strategist.
Theme Song:Megalovania

That depends on what kind of trainer do you wish to be. Do you already have an idea?

Yes. I want to make a no nonsense trainer that doesnt really buy into all that pokemon love and kindness. I want to take the strategist class. He doesnt think of them as tools but he generally uses short commands and stuff. I wanted strategist for fluff mostly but I am going to be an ace trainer. Nevermind I decided to be from johto

Select things as in features, classes, that kinda stuff? Vague-ness is vague.

I will admit I my reading over of the class didn't excite me too much.

But what type of Strategist do you want to be? Since it's almost literally the easiest class to multiclass into, I could see a Rider Strategist, a Weapon Master Strategist, or a Ninja Strategist, using completely different strategies effectively.

Right, so you want to start with martial artist, focus on high dexterity and strength cause those are the stats you'll need. You could get Martial Artist for level 1 and up your dex for your first level stat increase, Ninja at level 2, and Strategist at level 3, and use the last two as you please.

Not crygonal maybe solosis. How do I select class features then.

You may want to consider getting a Mr Mime (or Mime Jr, or another pokemon good with psychic barriers and confusion) and a Poison pokemon, because as a strategist using poison, paralyzation, and confusion is a very reasonable thing to do.


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