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not a job but a hobby didnt paul and gary learn to love their pokemon thanks to the looooooove of pokeemon from a pure heart. Also fun fact pure hearts combined with pokemon tears cures petrification so you have that going for you mad

Oh yeah I saw that movie. The first movie were Ash gets turned to stone and pikachu cries on him right. I remember that not. When evil Mewto was fighting super cute good Mewto.

Are their names different. If so then yes.

Mewto, is a clone of Mew that was created by the lead villain of the first game.

Personally I'm having trouble reconciling someone who knows so little about pokemon wanting to be part of this game so much. I mean, it takes a serious love of pokemon to tolerate this mess of a system.

Why? Yes while it helps to have an in depth knowledge of the game in some ways that is really only required by the GM of the game (or any game for that matter for the most part) the players simply needs a basic understanding of the mechanics and a love of some aspect of the pokémon verse and the ability to role play. In fact someone without comprehensive knowledge will have an easier time role playing a newer trainer as they have about as much knowledge of pokémon verse as does the character where a true scholar of pokémon has to dumb themselves down to appropriately play a fairly new trainer.

That's not my point. If you just love roleplaying games, pokemon is a mess of a system, and this tabletop game even moreso. The only reasons to want to play this system are a love of pokemon, or wanting to participate in a game with friends. I'm pretty sure MadHatter doesn't already know anyone here, and even the people he "friended" here was just done on a facebook-age urge to do so for everyone.

My point is that I'm having a hard time comprehending his enthusiasm given his nigh complete ignorance of the pokemon world, he doesn't even appear to have the fanatical but limited knowledge loving pokemon as a child would have afforded him. His character essentially IS Ash, which does sort of match up to a neophyte to pokemon, but the sheer enthusiasm MadHatter puts out baffles me.

Edit: No offense intended, I'm just a little confused. It isn't even that big a deal.


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