Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

So Halfling NPG? Any ideas so far?

I'm thinking Stout Halfling Cleric -- will need to read up on the rules again

Also the decision on a game I desperately want to make is made today (the GM did say my character was in his top 2 choices) and if I get in that, I may drop out of a few I've applied to

See below for my character Entrance

Saying that, I've not played / DM'd Next yet so we'll see :0

I'm a lil confused there is that the app for the game that the decision is being made on today? The halfling game looks like fun, I enjoy playing halflings... Also I'd get to play a cantankerous goat herder... and its D&D Next, which is so far the best of the editions even if its only in playtests.

Yah, I was too CG ... the other is a Pathfinder (my favourite game system) game called A New Beginning, decision is today ... I think you're on there too CG ??

I've got about another 3 apps in other games (which CG keeps stalking me on ...)

I do like the halfling game, just putting a character together now ... since no one else is giving me what they want to do on AtG

Is he going to yell, "Git orf my land ..." at trespassers

close "Git 'way from me Goats"... he owns fainting goats, which is irresistible fun for most of the youngsters but it spoils their milk.

Pathfinder's alright. It's fixed a bunch of the 3.5 problems, but really its just 3.75.

I've spent about $2000 on pathfinder stuff ... It started as 3.75, but it is far superior in all aspects

I have a parcel arrive from paizo (I am on about 5 or 6 ?? subscriptions) each month, it's brilliant.

I normally run 2 or 3 RL games of Pathfinder a week ... there is so much depth to the game, there isn't much about PF I don't know

I enjoyed what I read and played but I found wasn't what I wanted. 4e came closer, I think 5e has hit it. So far it has.

Cool mate, 90% of Hiccup the Fighter - Protector done now ...

NGP, I was going to apply for New Beginning, but a few problems came up. First, since electricpiper was here, I had less time than usual for applications. Second, I thought it was closing on the fifteenth, but the ad said the fourteenth, and I needed that extra day to get an app done. Third, while I had a character concept in mind, my ideas for worlds/planes was shot. I just could not get a compelling backstory for the poor guy. That happens every now and then, and when it does, I backshelve the character for future use, when my mind can come up with something.


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