Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

There you go, not as distracting now

Which group ... for what game ??

Haven't had an invite from anyone ...

/sobs quietly in the corner as no one loves him

EDIT: Got the invite ... yayyy

/stops sobbing like a big Jessie ... someone LOVES me

Yah, now waiting on answers from Drudge so I can finish my character

Ty is currently trying to kill off my innocent little huntress over in his game ... with PC's Samm stuck in the middle as his "girlfriend" has volunteered to allow a vampire to feed on her ...

Willow (my character) warned the "batgirl" twice not to do it, so has just shot her

Now Samm (PC) doesn't know what to do (either does Ty -- as he has the blood sucking leech and the "girlfriend" as NPC's to work out what they will do (the "girlfriend" doesn't like Willow ... come to think of it, either does the Vamp) ...

If you'd like to read how it's going ... it starts here

Ty trying to kill my innocent little huntress ... doe eyed little girl boo for Ty

I can't imagine why Ty would try to kill Willow... she's so passive.

Also I turned Guffo into an alcoholic... new section labeled "Encounters with Guffo" on his app.

Great, an alcoholic goat herding cranky ex-war vet

How cliche ... LOL

Hey, CG -- I'm very excited, just commissioned my first character drawing

Kr'lunk, by the guy who drew this, I love the bagpipe playing Goliath bard:



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