Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

Nice! If I got a chance to commission a drawing, it'd either be for my very first DnD character (an elf rogue named Maria) or my second one (a human gestalt druid/monk named Faris). They both are very special to me. =3

I generally don't commission, my artist of choice is a friend of mine. I usually wait for him to have a sale and pick up a black & White, It's Nick Robles aka Narbles

Here's the last one I commissioned for a character:

There's a link there to his work too.

Wow! Nice portrait, Rumrunner.

Fantastic pic Rum ... She's amazing

I've gone for a more cartoony look as I don't want to scare the kids

he often draws live, for a laugh he had mcdonald's fries in her hands for a minute while the quori claw reached for them. Oh, there's lots of different and very valid styles. Toons are lots of fun. At first I accidently called her robe a cloak and well... the pic came out a lil less PG.

That's beautiful! One of my best friends is an artist too, but she draws more anime style, which I personally prefer. I plan on asking her for some commissions.

There a few good artists on deviant art who do commissions. lots of good anime artists, I like the oil painting style for the most part for character portraits.

Stupid halfling 5e games, why would anyone ... oh, yeah, I'm already in it

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