Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

They're not getting a lot. I also question the quality of some of the candidates.

It got a fast run at first. I think its the restriction of halfling and limited classes that's keeping the apps down low. People tend to avoid these restrictions in my experience on the weave. Don't feel obligated by any means, but I like to see variety.

I only avoided it because I was sure I'd come in too late. I like the writing and the concept a lot. Any ideas what classes haven't been applied for? I don't mind repeating but I like to try and make mine stand out by being different.

wizard, though its a tougher sell. It's a low magic place. The rogue apps are kinda lacking... but follow your gut.

I originally was going to be a finger wiggler, but everyone was talking as if they were going to be one, so I made a fighter, only to find that Rum had also made one ... so we're both Fighter - Protector class.

@ CG Doh, everytime you mention Jax, I think of my Jax who I play in a pathfinder eberron game:

She's attached
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NGP, just wanted to be like me... all fightery and protectory. Also, my character has a certain charm that's hard to resist.

Especially when he's yelling at people to get away from his goats and spitting from the chewing tobacco ... Sooo irresistable

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