Other Games - nowhere as good as AtG

The DM of New Beginnings isn't on much is he CG ???

And ... he started two groups

Ho hum ;(

Yah ... maybe he had a suddenly busy weekend like I did

So... Cam-cam gonna cry? Why's he upset at Guffo's jibe, I figured it a valid question...

Haven't been able to get on to check ... it was a very emotionally charged room ... and the big Guffo bully was picking on him ... took him back to his school days *sniff*

he's best to get over that, or he'll be blubberin himself te sleep at night.


So, I've made it into another game: Pathfinder (my favourite game system) -- gestalt with another player.

I made a Half-Elf Sorceress with Orc bloodlines ...

My random gestalt partner (Bard or Paladin would have been truly awesome ... all Charisma based ...)

Got an Elven druid (at least they're both female) ... so have to try and work in high Wis and Cha with some Int for skills ... going to be difficult ... Wis / Int casters aren't too bad, Cha / Int the same ... but Wis / Cha is a pain in the butt

To my favourite players

As I obviously don't have enough to do (and I think a few games I am playing in are likely to fail / die early in the new year), I am going to run a Pathfinder Adventure Path (I have all of them, so I'll need to make a decision over Xmas -- though I do like the looks of Kingmaker for a MW campaign).

I will of course invite all of you, but understand if you're overloaded, have too many games going on - couldn't stand playing in yet another game with Rumrunner (hehehe ...), etc

And some of you may just not like the Pathfinder system (I know ... Impossible!!! )

I also like the options of everyone playing Pirates (so a more evil bent type game - no Paladins) in the Skulls & Shackles AP ...

Can you let me know if you'd be interested (the AP's are built for four players) and if so, which of the AP's have you played so I can take them off the list.

All Adventure Paths start at level one and finish about level sixteen / seventeen -- so LONG

The Adventure Paths choices are (in released order)

01-06 Rise of the Runelords

07-12 Curse of the Crimson Throne

13-18 Second Darkness

19-24 Legacy of Fire

25-30 Council of Thieves (though I'm playing this currently on here ... so ignore it ... doh)

31-36 Kingmaker

37-42 Serpent's Skull

43-48 Carrion Crown

49-54 Jade Regent

55-60 Skulls & Shackles

61-66 Shattered Star

If you'd like info on any in particular, let me know


What type of pirates? halfling pirates?... kidding... I was thinking a gnome alchemist pirate

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