Eventually, at some point in time, there will come a situation where words cannot resolve a conflict and you will get into a fight. It happens. I mean, that's pretty much been the basis of most AD&D games since the BECMI sets came out. And as we are not sitting around a table top, able to just roll dice and move on, I need to express how combat posts will eventually work.

When I call for initiative, your posts must include the following:
  • Your initiative roll. This is calculated (as a quick reference here) as d10 + your DEX adjustment. For those of you who do not remember basic math, adding a negative number is actually subtracting it.

    To this you will add one of the following, depending on what you are doing:
    • The weapon speed of the weapon you are using
    • The casting time of the spell you are casting
    • Your size adjustment if you are not doing either of the above (+2 for small, +4 for medium, +6 for large, +8 for huge, +10 for anything larger than that)
  • The action that you are taking. If you are moving, indicate where you are moving towards, including an obstacles/enemies/allies you must move around to get there.
  • The applicable attack roll (if necessary), as well as damage.
    • Should you roll a critical hit - which in my campaigns is always considered to be a natural 20, and nothing else - please also provide a roll of 1d100.
    • Should you roll a critical fumble - which in my campaigns is always considered to be a natural 1, and nothing else - please also provide a roll of 1d100.

    The reason for the additional roll for critical hit/fumble is that we are going to use the attached PDF document for resolution of critical hits/fumbles. I wanted to use the stuff in Combat and Tactics, but those tables get to be a little too heavy to use at times, and I want to keep this simple.
  • A
    Just In Case
    JIC d20 roll. I will use this for any effects that need a die roll from you. I don't want to slow the game down waiting for a saving throw or ability check from someone, so having the JIC is useful.

A couple of special notes that need to be stated:

1. If you have multiple attacks in a combat round, you will add the weapon speed (or speed for size) to your initiative roll above a second time, and that is when you will act the second time.

2. If you are casting a spell, you must state both when you start casting (the initiative roll above without the casting time) and when you are finished casting (the full initiative roll).

I have below some examples for ease of understanding.

I hope all that made sense. If it does not, please let me know so I can help walk you through it.

Critical Hits and Fumbles.pdf

That's a handy set of tables, there!

An addendum to the above:

Please include either the AC that you hit (preferred) or your THAC0 so I can determine if your strike hits or not.

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