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Opening the door, I can see that rain is pouring so I summon a carriage, literally.

Muttering the incantation, "I need a horse, I need a cab; I need a ride, this weather's drab", and a flame breathing nightmare appears hitched to my red leather hooded coach.

It's a pleasant ride, no wheels as it sits on a Tenser's Floating Disk. I shall head to see Mr Biopolist, the Wizard's guild master this morning, we have that matter to discuss ...

Ok, so he's edited in a fix. That works.

Wait, what? You should be answering the question, not reworking the character.

And Tana: Yes, indeed.

Okay, so Noobie can give an answer to the question, sorry guys, that's the rules.

My bad, I missed the extra pages ... Delete my aplogy here please Kerim

He's now out and about

The people around show Flagrant, in his cute little cab, no attention, except just stepping out of the way. The rain, dripping on the carriage, continues ever on, even when you arrive to the wizards guild. When you arrive at the guild you go inside and to the guild master. He doesn't seem to notice you. What do you do?

Withdrawn Interest from the Game.

You should rework that post. In Noobie's post he already said he's at least an adept wizard.

Noobie cast a spell. He said nothing about being an adept wizard. I checked back and no one said anything about being an adept wizard. However this game is getting a little too serious for me and I don't want to go back and rework the post. So I will just delete it and withdraw interest from this game.

Sorry man just don't see the point of the game if everyone has to change everything just cause you don't like it. I didn't once alter or change anything a previous person posted. No one stated belonging to the wizard's guild.

No, but he summoned a carriage, so that shows more understanding of magic than just feather fall.

But if you withdraw interest someone else can post.


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