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Guess I'll post what Flagrant does...

Flagrant the Foul
Flagrant stands there, in the presence of the Mage who, for some reason, decides not to pay attention to Flagrant. He waits patiently for some time before getting irritated and upset over not being noticed. He raises his walking stick, creating a ball of shining light at the top, and shouts "Hey - down here! I need to speak with you about something!"

About 10 seconds after the cheese drops on the wizard, the stack moves and he comes crawling out.

"Oy, wa'as dat fo'?" He shouted, looking around the room for a few seconds, before he looked down and saw the mouse, whose horns had gotten stuck in a piece of cheese.

"Oh, tis ye. 'Sup? What are ye here fo', lad? Ye said before ye had sumthin' to discuss with me?" He said, his accent terrible hard to understand.

Just respond to the man.

"Indeed Goodman" answered our disproportionate protagonist. "I've come about that inheritance we were discussing. The plane of.... Scratam I believe it was, left to me by my great aunt on my sister's side. I've come to see if you have completed the necessary paperwork required for me to begin legitimate taxation"

Kerim, I really have to applaud you. This is a genius idea, pure creativity and pure chaos. Bravo, sir

Ty. Sorry for not having updated sooner, been kinda busy. Hopefully a new update within the dya.

Kerrim, what's going on?

And I got to make him half mouse. I just felt something was needed to contrast with the half demon aspect of the character and felt mouse was an appropriate option.

"Hmmm... le me see... Hmmm.... Under tha Ij of Inheritance, or Ef of Flagrant... Ah, thar we go! I've got it here. Yes, ye just need to have it signed by the family member nearest of the deceased." the dwarf said. "Would ye know who tha' is?""

Sorry! Life has been busy.

Flagrant took the document in his hands, looking over it intensely. He grabbed a quill from the desk and dipped it in ink.

"I certainly do. It's me! I'm the family member nearest of the deceased!"

And he signed his name in big, bold letters.

"Now - I'll take that inheritance if you don't mind!"


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