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As the name was written on the paper, it suddenly flashed, and a key appeared into Flagrant's hand. The dwarf took a box from under the table, and said "Thar ya go. Now, if ye want to go to ye inheritance, just put the key in tha lock."
What do you do?

Also, random word, of
Dice Roll: 3d4
d4 Results: 4, 3, 1 (Total = 8)

I take a full action to power eat three times my weight in cheese. "Cheeeese!!!!!!!!" Hidden flaw Cheese crazy.

Is this going to resume any time soon?

attikol needs to put in a word of 8 letters. But if he doesn't post in 12 hours, someone else can do it.

It's been a couple of days, so in the event it's needed, here is a random word of 8 letters:


Is this thread dead now?

Flagrant the Foul didn't last very long.

No, I am just pretty swamped.
The dwarven wizard, slightly annoyed by Flagrant the Foul's eating, turned the key in the box for him. (Choo-choo, from the railroad train)

Suddenly, the world twisted and turned, as the half-mouse got sent through time and space, towards his own realm.

When he got there, it was very similar to the normal world, except for one thing. Everything, no matter how big or small, had the objects' name on it. In common, Celestial, and Infernal.

The small box lay 5 feet away from Flagrant. To the north there was a forest (made clear by the fact a set of trees spelled out 'forest'), to the south there was a river, with a bridge over it. To the east were mountains, from which you could hear the sounds of hammers on metal, and to the west there was a small village.
What do you do?

Flagrant summons himself a 4 sided die, which he then
Which way to go?:
Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 1

1 I go North. 2 I go East. 3 I go South. 4 I go West.

Flagrant, using his perfect method of deciding what to do ventured North wondering what adventures would await.

Flagrant, leaving the box behind, set forth towards the forest. Getting there, he feels ill at ease due to the fact that everywhere around him there are small forest critters, following him around and looking at him.


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