Darwin: Mission 1

"I'm afraid I can't do that. Quite a shame, really. We could've had a grand ol' time together."

Chris cut the connection from his end.

The starfall dropship remains circling in the sky. The results of the private comm are not obvious.

The Serpent immediately started transmitting a message toward the surface attempting to reestablish communications.
"Unidentified ground unit. We demand you resume communications immediately and that you state your purpose for commandeering a Defiance LLC research facility."
"We repeat. We demand that you identify your self and your purpose immediately."

It was a gamble, but it just might work.

((I am assuming that the only one that can hear me is MX and only if he chooses to answer. But he can probably hear it since I am transmitting on the same line. If he chooses to listen is another thing entirely.))

The Serpent accelerates to catch up to them but due to arriving last still has a way to go before they reach orbit.

The starfall dropship lands in the compound. The main egress opens, and out comes Mullin, flanked by 2 shock squads.

Chris signaled his lone shock squad deployed in the field, and they rushed over to reinforce him if necessary. While they alone wouldn't be able to win against Starfall's two squads, they'd at least be able to do some damage if it came to that.

"For a merc group called Starfall, I expected your landing to be a bit more... flashy. I am somewhat relieved it wasn't."

Meanwhile the serpent was rapidly approaching the planet. Only minutes now separated it from orbit and a position from which it would initiate its final descent and planet fall. What would happen than was anyone guess, and many a mans hope.

((Yes I am cutting it close for dramatic effect.))


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