Darwin: Mission 1

Mullin grinned and replied, "Yeah, well, we're save the firecrackers and mag strips for next time. If you can get that mech on board, I'll get out a little something to help you hold this place against anyone else."

From behind him rolled a missile truck, followed by a light scout mech.

Chris walked the mech up the ramp after the missile truck and scout mech got off, and began climbing out as soon as the mech was parked.

"How long are you going to stick around?"

Meanwhile in high orbit the Serpent had assumed its position. However it was not attacking, but watching. It's cameras and sensors searching the surface for signs of activity. Given how "well" things had gone up to this point it was doubtful any sort of plan would be unfolding as intended. And sure enough, the signs of things going wrong were visible immediately. The fact that the "allied" dropship had landed without being opposed could mean several things, the fact that there was far too little commotion on the ground and absolutely NO explosions or radio traffic only one. The time had come to rethink the situation radically, again.

However as things would have it there was one more chance. For another force was moving on the ground. And from way up high in space they were as visible as ants on a bright green sheet.

((If this thing has sensors on the level of 20th century satellites I should be able to count your infantry on the ground from it so yeah... Don't double cross the guy in the sky BEFORE he lands and loses the surveillance advantage.))

"I'm getting out of here asap. The vehicles will help you defend against any hostiles. Good doing business with you - we should work together again in the future."

With that, Mullin and the shock squads moved back into the dropship, which takes off.

[and yeah, I realize that you would have seen what happens on the ground. I wasn't banking on you being oblivious to it.]

On the outskirts of the land, a decent march away from the landing site of the others a ancient relic of a ship landed for the final time. Inside the dropship several large shapes could be seen strapped in the seats. Shapes almost like a large bipedal gorrila with a sword portruding from one arm and the other deformed into a sort of assault-rifle.
Infront of the ship a 4 groups of 3 other strange beings huddled arround a large individual that seemed to have bonelike clawed gauntlets growing out of his lower arms and hands.. A set of bright blue glowing eyes watched over the group of neosapients arround it.
a few strangle deformed humans, their right arms had been molded into a gunlike shape.
An other group appeared to be midgets with a strange dent in their shoulders with a bony-spike portruding from it. Their eyes seemed to be reptillian, dull yellow with slidded pupils. The last group had something in common with the midgets. Their bodies shimmered into the darkness, asif they were slowly merging with their surroundings. one of their arms completely enlongated into a elegant rifle while a taillike extention had grown from just above their asses.

It was the leader who spoke first. "You know what to do. Quick in and out. Be descrete and be fast."

The dropship rose into the air, before stopping. From ports on the side came 3 squads of shock troops. As soon as the last cleared the exit, the ship swiftly moved off, carrying with it the recovered mech.

Mullin touched down in front of Chris. With a tug of a cord on his harness, the drop chute was swiftly folded and stowed in his pack. "I Figured we owed a little more support than a light mech and a couple of rockets. My men and I will help you hold this position."

The commander looked over the facility with a pair of binoculars, and quietly counted off the number of men he spotted. "****, we're late. The information may already be compromised." He looked over the only entrance of the facility. "To many people to charge in." He put the binoculars down and turned towards the men, and gave a few orders. Everyone dashed off to get into position. The commander and the first squad took position near the entrance, In a hidden location, waiting. The second squad and the demolitions squad moved out behind the facility. Demolitions attached an explosive to the back wall, and hide. Squad two moved into position, to easily flank anyone near the hole. Demolitions set off the bomb, creating a loud explosion.

Engines roared into life. With a mighty flash of light and thunder the hull ripping through the air red hot the Serpent started moving toward the planets surface. The time for planing was over, and so was the time for hesitation. There was a time and place in war for these things, and it was not now. After all, the way things were going there would be even more lying, cheating, scamming reinforcements coming for the defenders of that facility. And valiant as they were the forces of Cobra could only take out so many. Even now the odds were against them. But that would not deter the mighty serpent as it made its way toward the surface locking on toward the newest of the new arrivals, an ancient dropship so old that it looked as if it predated the stars them self. Cobra was about to strike.

((Landing next to shadow, and I mean next to as in under 200m away.))

Slyver just wanted to send his cannonfodder off to retrieve the objective as he could see a dropship starting to land almost directly near them. Looking through a set of binoculars he could clearly see a bloodred hooded snake on its hull.
"We`ve got company. Chameleon one and two, take position on the ledges oposite of each other. Blade one and two stay on standby, the rest of you meatbags with me. Lets see if we cant use these snakeheads for our advantage."

A few moments later Slyver and his troops were hiding in the shadows and bushes, waiting for the new arivals to disembark.

The doors of the dropship opened with a slam. Than after a moment of silence a number of figures slowly began to emerge from inside. First came the mech, its machine guns scanning the ground for any infantry preparing an ambush. Next came the infantry followed closely by the few vehicles Cobra had. They assembled in formation in front of the dropship as if for a parade and prepared to see if their new neighbor would react.

Cobra dress uniform example
((My combat uniforms look exactly like this just camouflaged and without a cape.))


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