A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

Your opportunity has been given, your chance is now. Do you take that step through a purple gate that swirls with a magic unknown to you? It could be a trap, a hoax, one of your enemies could be behind this. You could be leaving family behind, will they live? The wars, the hunts, or what have you that ails your plane shall no longer be your concern. Swallow all fear, all notions of trickery, and take that first step to a new life.

You step through the gate, a pull seems to encompass your body. It pulls greater and tighter taking your breath right out of you. You feel a sudden snap as though your connection to your old world is gone, erased. You seem to be floating, no weight or restraint, you are unable to move or even breath yet aware of everything. No words can escape as you are helpless to even speak or move your mouth, unsure oh how long your journey is.

You emerge on the other side and fall to one knee gasping for breath and aching to have use of muscles once more. Your connection is still empty, as though your soul or ethereal cord was cut from traveling so far. Your eyes close and you start to weign until you allow that ever comforting sleep wash over you. You should have hit the floor by now, your head resting on that soft green grass that is almost unearthly green. A hand....no a person seems to be holding you and standing you up. You open your eyes to see blackness as far as you can see and a single man standing before you. He holds a long white cord in his hand that look ripped and torn, as though someone ripped it free. He wears wizards robes and has a soft handsome smile. He hands you the rope, "Hold on to this tight, trust me... I'm a wizard." With that you feel it launch back at a speed equal to terminal velocity. You look back to see where your heading and are faced by a motionless you standing, eyes closed, unfettered by your speedy approach. The rope you hold attaches to your motionless body, you hesitate to let go and save yourself from the impact but your a seasoned adventurer, little things like this are nothing.

You slam into your body, you open your eyes once more and lean forward from the shock of landing into your body. You look around at the others, they seem to be doing the same, some motionless and still as stone while others lurch forward. As soon as you get a bearing on your place and senses you can finally get a look at what's happening. The landscape seems nothing unusual, long rolling hills with many large open flat areas. Trees can be seen to either side very far in the distance, very little wild life can be seen, but there is lots of movement and noises by you. The sky seems clear, few clouds, a bright sun and very normal temperature. The humidity isn't bad very plain, it seems like the perfect day....almost.

A troll catches your eye walking off in the distant with about twenty five other. You then get a chance to re-look at everything, Gray renders following a group of villagers. Griffons, Roc's, and dragons, all colors all sizes and shapes, they all seem to be heading to a mountain so far off in the distance that it has to be impossibly tall and large. Goblins emerge from similar portals with the same lash back, immediately retreating into the forest behind you. All races, all monsters, and so many things are appearing at once, different times and places. Finally you see a sign in front of you, the sign reads, 'Welcome to your new home and your fresh start, your escape. Here are the building blocks to your new life.'
-Invictus Juliani

In front of you is a small quaint little village, some people can be seen milling about caring to livestock or getting food. It seems to very visibly have an Inn Labeled 'The Busty Wench'.

The experience was not what Jax would have called a pleasant one. It was not a surprise; he had never expected traveling planes to be painless. Even so, he had no way to fully prepare for it. He took a moment to respond to actually being in his body, slowly sitting up and looking around at the new terrain.

So, this is 'home' now. Jax tilted his head as he saw the sign and read it. It was in a language he understood, at least. Perhaps the basic parts of the world would be the same as his own. He hoped it would not be similar in other ways.

Good riddance to that place.

The thought is mostly true to his feelings. But even as it runs through his mind, Jax remembers standing in front of the portal he had found. He remembers the moment of hesitation, the one regret that went through his mind. He had, for a second, considered staying in the world he hated, and for a truly foolish reason.

His body is long gone. Who knows where it's rotting now. Jax told himself that, the same process he had done to get himself through the portal. Yet he still felt sharp regret that he had never given his friend a proper burial. The emotion was strong enough to make him feel nearly nauseous. That, or he was still recovering from the whiplash of the travel.

Thinking about the vision he had experienced causes Jax to crack a smile. That man had made him feel awed, at least until he said, 'Trust me... I'm a wizard.' Perhaps it was meant to be taken seriously. It still made him want to laugh. Probably not the nicest reaction he could have had to the man who had evidently helped him arrive in this world, but it was the way his thoughts worked.

Whatever the case might be, Jax knew that he was here for good now. There might not even be a way back to his world, and if there was, he had no desire to return. This realization gives him new enthusiasm and lets him store his single regret away. Perhaps he would come back to mourn over it later. For now, there was a new world to explore.

A quick leap brings Jax to his feet with more grace than many could manage. It is only then that he catches sight of the many people around him that are coming to. He raises an eyebrow at seeing some also waking up. Partially to himself and somewhat to those around him, he remarks, "Talk about a greeting party."

((In the village)) As
Nuxokog slept, the village worked. He was in his accustomed nest, a silken bag tied to the rafters of one of the many village buildings that his tribesmen lived in; generally, the Strix villagers built their homes as large stores, warehouses, and public buildings, and simply lived up above, in the lofts.

One of the morning-watch flew in the open hole that served as an entrance to his room, and, with a flutter of wings, settled down. "Nuxokog?" he stated, in Strix, poking the hanging nest gently. "Nuxokog, new visitors to the village."

Also in Strix, from inside the bag, the response went something like, "Merbluf, What? New visitors? Ok, I'll go see them. Let Dredge know, could you?"

After several moments, a twisted, ape-like face peered out, and was followed by a vaguely human-sized-and-shaped black-skinned demon, with large bat-wings and no clothes on. Nuxokog dressed quickly, putting on his armor, bag, and quiver, and slinging his bow across his back. Then, with a hop, he perched on the entrance to his home, got his bearings, lept out, and flew...

To land in front of the visitors. Looking at them uncertainly, he held his hands out in a gesture of peace. "Welcome, new friends," he stated, in Common. "My name is Nuxokog, and all are welcome to our home. We welcome you in Peace."

Cal's eyes quickly dart around as he realizes he is not alone. As ready as he was to come to this place where there was no hatred of ancestry, his past life of always living on the run and trusting very little is difficult to let go; especially with what he just experienced. Wizards pulling people through dimensions with ropes... not something seen everyday.
After a minute of this, he finally accepts his surroundings and neighbors, but remains wary, just in case something should happen.
Well... Hello, I suppose.

Kr'lunk enjoyed his ride through the darkness, it was funny how he could see himself, but the white beard man sent him somewhere where he couldn't see himself again ... and gave him some rope to pull ... and now he wasn't where he was before. That was yesterday, he had gone for a look in the forest and found a river and some other pretty things, but now sort out company. He headed back to the village he saw and seeing some other people heading towards it, he decided to follow them and introduce himself.

Kr'lunk looks at the things gathered in front of him, "Hello dere, me is da Kr'lunk, me is very handsome. Who is you??"

Vaestrin's head snaps back and his eyes open wide for a moment, at which point he throws his hand and cloak in front of his face. By gods! Where did that light come from?!? He scanned his memory: oblivion, death, refugees, fire. He was on fire! He twists about and throws his cloak to the ground. Squinting he forces himself to look at his arms, elbows, legs, feet, squirming to get a better angle. I am whole and no black leeches. Trust your eyes. No fire. No apparent danger. Is it over?

Vaestrin looks to the ground beneath his worn, yet polished, boots. He looks at the blades of grass, the succulent earth teeming with life. Falling to his knees, he removes a glove and touches the ground, feels the grass in his hand, then presses his hand to the ground.

Sitting back, Vaestrin closes his eyes to take a large breath. He smells smoke, but it is a blacksmith's forge and perhaps a cooking fire. Holding his breath, he hears familiar screams of pain and confusion, but there is more. Sounds of industry and an active community. Did he hear children? Vaestrin smells grass, and hay, and animals, and dung. It had been long since he'd smelled fresh air (except the dung that is): no smells of rot, decay, burned flesh, and even worse smells--smells that had no origin but permeated everything...

Vaestrin shakes his head of the lingering memories. Trust your eyes. Trust your hands. Trust your ears. Trust your nose. This is no dream. He'd long been able to discern dreams from reality. It had become a necessary skill.

This place is new and different. There are strangers here. He should cover his head, but duty awaits him. He picks his cloak off the ground and goes to help the nearest refugee.

He acknowledges, but doesn't respond to the warm greetings he is given by a large, black-winged creature.

At least the horrors are well mannered in this land.

Nuxokog nods to the mostly-silent visitors. "If you wish to join the village, then you are more than welcome to," he says, with a grimace that may be a twisted smile, "But if not, well, I am afraid I can't tell you much about the other areas of the world. The mountains contain dragons, and so they may not be completely safe," he adds, "But there is plenty of room for growth, if you would prefer to settle elsewhere."

The 8'2" shape moves forward. "Me needs da new home to live, which house can me live in??" he says in a friendly manner, though his teeth are quite off putting. He takes his bag from his shoulder and stands it up next to this winged creature as if taking a measure of it's height and width and whether it would fit in the bag.

"Me wish me had dem wings, dem look like da most fun. Do you take da ones for a ride??" he asks, looking expectantly at this creature in front of him.

Already Jax is preferring this world to the one he left. Different races are conversing normally, with none of the hatred that citizens of his world had shown for those of different birth. It was too soon to form a final opinion, but he does like what he has seen so far.

At Nuxokog's words, Jax replies in an easy tone. "You seem familiar with this sort of thing. Do lots of people come here this way?"

Vaestrin looks around at the gathered faces... all unfamiliar. He approaches the bat-winged fellow. You there, Demon, I do not recall what you said you are called. Regardless... Where is our host? Are there not more refugees from Khoranth? I cannot have been the only one to make an escape. His voice rises in pitch and loudness, but he stops and puts his hand on his chin.

I need to think... What do I remember? "We welcome you in peace," "Nuxokog," "Trust me, I am a wizard." He shivered at the last thought. Still, these fools thought to welcome anyone with open arms. It was a good way to get a knife in the ribs. He looked at the sign: "your fresh start".

While you watch, the anger on Vaestrin's face becomes thoughtfulness, and then determination. Lastly, a smile begins to form.

Nuxokog, if it please thee, be a good... creature... and show me to your village. Someone needs to watch out for cut-throats and charlatans--wizards are never good at judging character--and that someone, is me.

He puts his cloak back on his shoulders, hangs his mace on his belt and replaces his glove. You may call me Vaestrin. He starts towards the village. As he passes Nuxokog, Vaestrin grabs him by the meaty bicep and attempts to pull him along.

Your salvation has arrived.


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