A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

The winged demon-man looked at the responders in order. "Well, refugees have been coming for quite some time; I myself have only been here for three months. Generally, everyone has been making their own homes, where they choose, with the help of their neighbors; I'm sure you'll find us friendly enough, as long as you are willing to be neighborly in return."

He frowned, slightly. "As for our host... Well, I don't generally know. He may be somewhere, but he has so far tended to take a rather hands-off approach to everything."

Grinning at Kr'lunk, he continued, "And no, I don't think I could carry you; you are quite... impressively sized. If you can help people make houses, or build things, I think you'll fit in very well, though."

"Me da good builder, me lift heavy fings ... me is handsome also."

Cal stands watching this discussion happen, obviously trying to judge the characters of those around him. Hmm... The big guy - Kr'lunk - seems nice enough; but I should make sure to stay on his good side. The fish and the cat both seem like good enough people, but I'll have to keep paying attention until I know I can trust them. And Nuxokog... Who knows what he could be thinking.
I suppose I can build a home here. I chose this world, after all; I might as well live in it.

Vaestrin turns to stare at the village. As his eyes pass over The Busty Wench, he sneers. That could only mean one thing: trouble.

He turns back to consider the ragtag group of settlers in front of him. This would be their world and he realized he could not accomplish great deeds alone.

Very well...I will assist you in constructing your domiciles. And with that, he starts walking towards the village.

Jax rolls his eyes at the 'your salvation has arrived' line. But he focuses on the information being given by the only person who truly seems to know the area. "I suppose I could offer a hand, though I'm not nearly so strong as Handsome over there." He jerks a thumb in the well-muscled being's direction without looking back at him.

All people who gain powers from gods or had connections to gods feel a sharp strain on your connection to them. As though your connection to them is weining, until suddenly.... snap. Your feeling, connection, everything can no longer be felt.

A man in very very heavy full plate walks up. His armor could easily be mistaken for bone, the intricacy of it makes it looks so, but at a second glance reassures that it a metal of unknown origin. His visor covers his face, as well his arms and skin. It looks like his entire ensemble is a skeletal structure. He moves forward determined, stopping beside Nuxog. "Is everything secured?" A Large greatsword can be seen on his back, however this sword is much simpler in design, very little etchings or anything, simply a crossguard blade and a handle.

"Yes, Dredge, everything seems to be secure. Our new friends don't appear to want trouble, know that they are free to settle anywhere, that the mountains are dangerous, and they have mostly decided to help build the village," Nuxokog summarizes, with a glance at the man in armor. "I think they were just about to go in and meet the others."

"Good, let me know if anything else is needed I will head back to my perimeter watch." He lets out a small bow and heads off his armor making no noise as he walks. The familiar clang of plates hitting plates is lost to those that know it.

"Who da tin man one ??? Him must be da ugly face to hide behind da armours", he says. He smiles at the little man in grey who agreed with him that Kr'lunk was indeed handsome ... you'd prefer he didn't ... that smile is horrendous with all those teeth.

Here be Kr'lunk ... Half-Ogre Rogue

Or perhaps he simply doesn't trust anyone enough to show his face to them.
Well there's someone I have no reason to trust...
Cal looks up at Kr'lunk with as close to a smile as he is able to: But I'm sure he's not as good looking as you, my large friend.


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