A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

Kr'lunk smiles back at Cal, it is very unsettling ... but friendly when you can get around the number of teeth ...

Nuxokog looks at Kr'lunk. "Actually, I'm not sure; I kind of suspect that is his face. His name is Dredge, and he was here when I got here. To my knowledge, nobody has seen him outside of that armor."

He nods at Jax. "Right this way..." and, with a stretch of his wings as he turns, he walks, in consideration of the ones without flight.

For those that follow into the village an array of people can be seen, Humans, half-elves, half-orcs, some odd looking humanoids that look human but off in some way.... they have a golden like skin, some look like orcs but have red skin. Another like humans but have this floating, ball around them, they are talking to it as a friends would. The most interesting and very visible is a 14 foot tall, whale? That's what it looks like, he seems to be making rounds around the village wielding an ungodly sword on his back. His house as well can be seen very visibly seen as it is the largest in town seconded by the Inn. Houses can be seen along the main road, all of them have a business of some sort attached to it. The mayor's house has a forge and large workspace that is seen though large windows. A barber, fletcher, cobbler, Seamstress, baker, and most simple businesses can be seen working and tilling away. One building though, during your tour, is very small in comparison o the rest. It is labeled: 'Mages Conclave'. A man sits in front of it reading a book, it's words seem very alien in nature, his hood covers his face, well if his face wasn't donned with a mask. His hands bore gloves and no skin could be seen, he simply looked up at those who passed by and nodded.

Jax looks around as they walk, showing interest but not revealing any sort of surprise. He has never seen several of these races, but most of the shock is gone simply because he has already spent most of it on getting to this plane. Still, seeing every one of these races working together in peace is a heartening sign.

"Looks like there's a good mix here," he comments while turning his head to gaze at the man reading. His eyes only remain on the man for a moment before shifting elsewhere, letting him observe as much as he can.

I wonder how many of them are the same race as any of us..., Cal thinks aloud as he walks. He is not surprised by what he sees as much as in awe, his homeworld being composed of mostly humans.

Nuxokog looks at Cal. "Good question; are you human?" the Stix asks, with what passes for a smile on his twisted ape-like face. "Most of the refugees here are humans," he continues, "But we don't really concern ourselves much with that. Like I said, all are welcome here; and whatever you are, I hope you find a place here."

Cal slightly recoils at the mention of how many humans are here. No, I'm not human. At least, not completely... The memories flood through Cal's mind of the terror-stricken faces of those who found out what Cal was. Then, the memory of his father's high cleric, and how he was perfectly fine with Cal even after discovering that the child was half undead. But in my 116 years of life, I've only met one human that was actually fine with what I am.

Raising an eyebrow at the man's remark, Jax says, "I'd ask what you are. But it doesn't matter. If you wish to add it to your resume, you can say one human and one catfolk are fine with what you are."


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