A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

"And da handsome half-elf one finks you is OK too ..." adds the definitely not handsome, most un-half-elf-like creature you have ever seen.

He waves and smiles at most anyone who looks at the new arrivals in town, "Dis is da happy place, is no daddy's smacking da childrens," he says, trying to look at everything at once and not accidentally step on his new friends.

Vaestrin, walking alongside the Nuxokog, looks about the village. It was heartening to Vaestrin to see so many working in harmony to build new lives. He nodded in approval at the productive citizens.

The ragtag bunch were talking about humans getting along with other races. Vaestrin didn't think it mattered what you were made of or where you were from. It was a
Wow, my character is a jerk. Don't mind him. K, thanks.
pointless conversation. After all, people judged him on his looks often, and he knew that one's actions matter more than one's looks.

As they passed the building called the mages conclave, Vaestrin took note of the covered, hooded, masked person. What was there to hide here, when everyone was so different?

Who keeps the law in this town? What about walls and defences? You did say monsters were in the surrounding areas.

Kr'lunk looks around for monsters at Vaestrin's mention of them, but seeing none he relaxes and smiles at anyone who looks at him or in his direction, a little disappointed at not seeing any children running away ... in fact, not seeing any children at all, scared or otherwise.

"Where all da happy, scared childrens??" he asks, concerned, "Is dem locked in da basements for da daddy's to beat upon ???"

"We have only been here for about three months," the Strix replies, "And most of us come from worlds on the edge of collapse, or in the midst of war. You'll find that most of us can take care of ourselves, when it comes to the law, but we have guard shifts in place anyway. The land is new enough that most 'monsters' have simply wandered off into the landscape, rather than bother attacking an obviously large group of generally well-armed people, but at some point we will need walls and other defenses; if that is your area of expertise, perhaps you would like to take the initiative on getting that started?" Nuxokog asks, patiently.

Y-y-y-y-e-e-e... The smile upon Vaestrin's face vanishes. No. A leader I am not, nor a guardsman. My interest is seeing that laws are obeyed, that those who break them are prosecuted and those who follow them are protected. And if harmed--vindicated. But you see, that is an undertaking too large for one man, unless a vigilante he becomes. His eyes glaze over, wistfully. I wish to build a temple, so that law abiding citizens may seek wisdom and lawbreakers seek reformation.

Vaestrin's face becomes twisted. A memory flashes in his mind--a dying god. Blackness begins to cloud his vision. He shakes his head and the blackness goes away. He forces himself to ignore the madness seeping into his present mind. a place for me to clear my mind.

But if there be fighting to be done, you may call me.

Nuxokog nods. "Most of us, especially those with combat abilities or experience, tend to put our names in for guard duty; I'm sure you assistance will help with that at the least. And good luck with your temple; most gods don't seem to have any pull here. But philosophy, well, that's another matter..."

"The Law is mostly enforced by Dredge, no one has broken any yet since there is nothing to really break. Or rather there is no reason yet for laws to be broken." The voice echoed through the mask, the masked man not even turning to look."As for temples there is only one god on this realm. If you haven't noticed your old connection is gone, your host is making sure you don't die." He turned the page and quieted down.

I thank you all, a smile passes from Cal's lips to Jax and Kr'Lunk, thanking them for their words.
I believe I could aid in this guard duty. Would we be in pairs, small groups, or by ourselves?

"Me has never been da guard, me is a sneaking around da place one, but me has da guarding fing in da bag," he says excitedly, and, swinging his sack which any of you (except perhaps Nuxokog with his wings) could quite easily fit into, he puts his head and an arm in and starts pulling things out and dumping them on the ground beside him.

A small sack, it has something moving in it; a very large rock; another large rock; another small sack, though this one isn't moving; some random sort of fur (with legs and head still attached -- it looks like it may have been crushed by some large rocks) which Kr'lunk touches fondly to his cheek before putting it on the ground; a small keg of something; a prosthetic leg; a few weapons -- a light mace, a couple of daggers, half a dozen arrows; then suddenly, "Here is da one," he says proudly and pulls out a full face helm with plume attached (though a bent and broken plume), the helmet has a large dent in it -- a dent that looks like it may have been hit by something strong wielding a greatsword. It also has markings which match the gauntlet hanging from Kr'lunks waist.

"Da guarding one can wear dis fing, it helps protect da one from da bad fings," and with a slight grunt Kr'lunk opens the visor, the twisted metal squealing as he does. He hands the battered full face helmet to Jax, "Oh, and dis fing can go with da tin man hat," he adds, and, unties and hands the gauntlet to Cal (there are still a couple of fingers in there you think).

The "half-elf" looks proudly at the gifts he has bestowed on his guard duty friends and proceeds to put things back in his sack, a mewling sound comes from the moving sack as he puts it in last, on top of the precious furry "thing" before sealing up the opening of his sack and swinging it effortlessly back over his shoulder.

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