A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

Jax has to work hard to keep a straight face at the sign of the not-half-elf pulling out so many random odds and ends. He nearly outright laughs at the helmet he is handed. Had it been a joke, he would not have found it funny. It is the earnest sincerity that amuses him so much. As a result, Jax responds more nicely than he would have to other people trying the same action. He offers the helmet back while saying, "It's appreciated, really. But I use magic, and pieces of armor like this interfere too much to cast spells. Why don't you give it to someone else who can make more use of it? I'm sure it'd be better off that way."

Kr'lunk is a little crestfallen at Jax's refusal, "Is OK, me understand, me's daddy, him was da most powerful magic man fing, him not wear da metals eever, me will look for da magic fing in da precious sack later for da Jax one," and taking the dented knight's helm, he hands it to Cal, "Dem fings belongs togever anyways, you da most lucky one," he says, and stepping closer, he gives Cal an affectionate hug, squeezing all of the air out of him (you think you know what happened to his affectionate furry thing now) and not quite leaving bruises around Cal's ribs.

The "half-elf" looks very pleased that he has made so many friends and been able to give them gifts to help them, he smiles broadly (you think it would be very similar to a shark's smile) ... not comforting at all.

Vaestrin looks at the masked man. What is he hiding behind that mask?

He leans forward to talk to the man, while the not-half-elf distracts everyone else with his huge sack of things. I am interested to hear of your god. When my god perished to the Great Old One, I needed to find divine power elsewhere and focused on healing the madness. Since then, I have had not had a god to pray to. What can you tell me about this god of yours?

"I'll look forward to it then." Jax smirks slightly at the sight of the other man getting promptly squeezed. Note to self, do not offer hugs to that guy. He then looks to see what their guide is doing during all this.

Nuxokog appears to have been watching the ogre with a mixture of polite apprehension on his face. "So, just out of curiosity, that one bag seemed to be moving," he begins, diplomatically. "If it is some sort of pet, it might be... happier... if you carried it in a cage," he continues, rather curious to see what it is. "Perhaps you could trade some of your other treasures for a woven cage, from one of the weavers?"

Cal looks at the gauntlet and helmet he has now forcibly received, trying to figure out how to even use these mangled items properly, or if they would be at all beneficial. After having all the air squeezed out of his system by Kr'lunk's massive hug, a very high pitched "thank you" is heard.

Kr'lunk looks pleased at Cal's happiness to recieve useful guarding items and looks over at Nuxokog, "Da sack is lots more friendly den da cages. Dem cages is where da daddy's keep the childrens for da beatings, dem is not da happy place," comes the response from Kr'lunk.

"Does dis village have da cages for keeping da childrens for da beatings," he asks, and for the first time you could see how Kr'lunk could be menacing as hes straightens from his slightly stooped posture, his ugly smile becoming a grinding weapon and his plate sized hand reaches for the three feet of hilt sitting above his shoulder.

Vaestrin watches the old man turn the page. He stands up and a rush of emotions show upon his face. After a moment he walks over to the group.

Vaestrin looks at the others, the others looking at the mewling, moving bag. Oh good. You've found us some lunch. I am famished.

Without thinking, Cal turns his head to Vaestrin and quickly utters You might want to steer clear of our handsome friend here if you continue to talk like that about his friend-in-a-bag. At the word "handsome", Cal motions to regard the size of Kr'lunk.
Cal then holds up the helmet and gauntlet and says Also, our large friend gave me these as a gift. I will definitely try to put them to some use, but if you could better use them than I, I bid you, please do.

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