A Fresh Start (Group 2, Try 2)

After taking a couple of pace's, the Half-Dragon speaks again having realized that their conversation was not quite over, he stops and continues to listen gathering the information. The second statement the Half-dragon makes is very intuitive he hadn't even thought of how old this place was or how new must have been all his years of training in the army following orders without asking questions.

When the dragon man kinda looks at him, he just looks back getting a better look at him with the eyes of one who has seen many battles, having met quite a few of his kind enough to learn the language but he had never seen one quite like this one with so many scar's, one that looked like it had seen as much battle as he had.

"I don't think you know where you are clearly. This is a world without war or conflict, as of yet at least. It was promised to have no war, a new place to call home. That is why I came here to escape those that thought me a monster." He chuckled slightly. His gaze shifted over to the new comer, "Come now Aasimar you seem to be listening in, you may join in anytime."

He just gives a little smile, and clears his throat, it's been awhile since he spoke in the tongue of dragons. "It is nice to know that there is no war or conflict, I've had my fill for awhile." He sound's old when he says it. "I would however like to know does this new world happen to have a name? also what might yours be robed one?"

"The name of this world..." he stops to ponder. "I actually don't know, and my name..... I have been called many, some lost to time, simply call me Bellator, it is the easiest." He smiles and taps his scythe, it retracts and folds until it looks like a simple rod. He pits it against his hip on a belt.

The Half dragon, half lizardfolk snorts with a shake of the head, "I never know where I end up when I am sucked through some portal or another. I have not been where I had been hatched in a long time. so many planes, so many portals. Every single one of them, whether it is something I step through, fall through, get thrown through, or some other way... Each of them always pops up in places that are the least expected. I have already left behind several clutches in some places, whether sired by me or laid by me."

The large beast pauses there and actually smirks, "Yes, I have laid my own clutch of eggs. I am more than what you blatantly see. I am called Mazurek. Be aware, also, that I am a vegetarian if that matters here. Consuming meat of any sort has always made me ill to the point of almost killing me." He was speaking to both individuals and even bows when introducing himself.

"Bellator and Mazurek, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." while he says this he puts his right arm over his chest and bows his head a little. "You may call me Zegram." he states as he raises his head from the bow.

A portal opens far in the distant for some, or right at the edge of town for others. A large snap of energy can be heard when a very visible purple vortex opens letting a rush of air disturbing the grass and dirt. A man covered head to toe with not a scarp of skin shows steps out. He looks around and the vortex behind him closes with a loud snap and pop of arcane energy. A pale expressionless mask dons his face, he seems to be looking for someone.

The conversation between the small group would go on forever but it is more than likely interrupted by the appearance of the portal very close by. In their case it is quite literally on top of them as they are so close to the town and all.

Not having seen the portal before, even the one he had entered to get here, the half-dragon gazes at it in quite a bit of wonder. With the arrival of the creature whose body is entirely covered and has a mask over the case, he cocks his head slightly while studying the newcomer. At the moment he does not sense any danger, but he does note that this one could very well be seeking someone specific. What it is, however, is unknown to him and all he does is stand there watching...waiting.

Their conversation having ended by the new arrival, He can't help but feel uneasy about the way this masked person arrived, it was obviously not the same way that he and the others had got there almost like it was forced. The young Aasmair watches the masked one, his soldier training telling him to not take his eyes off the person, with his hand not on but close to his heavy crossbow just in case it needs to be used.

The man looks around and spots you lot standing around. He turns slowly and makes his way towards you, The oddest thing though is that he doesn't quite walk, the motion of it can be seen but it's almost like he's floating. In a few short moments he arrives in front of you. "I have been told to relocate you all, you have other business your host would like to attend to. If you have any objections then please speak now." He looked at all of them and awaited for what ever question could be mustered.


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