A Fresh Start (Group 2, Try 2)

The half-dragon raises an eyeridge slowly while he watches the mysterious figure approach. It does not take long for the mysterious being to speak to them and he turns his attention then to the other two who are present to ask, [color]"Would either of you two mind translating for me? I do not know the language this one is speaking. It is a drawback that I must learn local languages when I go through these portals even if I might otherwise know them. I suppose it would have been too much for the powers that be to have at least let me keep the knowledge of the common language spoken everywhere."[/color]

The half-dragon raises a claw up to his head with a low grunt and looks a little dizzy for a moment. He quickly turns his attention to the newcomer and growls out "In that regard, no objections. If something wants me that badly, then go for it. A request next time, though. If you are going to mind-speak, please give some sort of warning beforehand. I get a headache very easily from it."

Not only a headache, but a full-on dizzy spell that has him slumping to a crouch while still holding his head. Seems someone just revealed a weakness.

Understanding what the half-dragon has just said the Aasimar assumes that there is no longer a need to translate, he looks to the masked man and says "I assume that by host you mean the wizard, If so I will not argue with what he has decided." still eying the masked person up waiting for his response.

Jacob sits at the bar in the villages only tavern, The Wizard's Sleeve. A nice enough place, for what they've been able to build up in just a few short months. How long has it been? he wonders. Has it been three months already? It doesn't seem like, but Jacob's transition from his old life to this one was well under way, except for a few things that he was sure he'd never be able to change.

A young man, not much more than a boy, comes rushes into the tavern. "Constable, there's a new portal and people coming out of it!"

The boy was part of only handful of whole families that came to this new world. It was good to see families, Jacob thought, not having many memories of his good ones anyway.

Jacob took another swallow of his coffee before responding. "Well, let's go greet them, shall we?" he says to no one in particular. The boy was obviously concerned if not scared, and had no intentions of getting close to the newcomers without knowing it was safe first, especially the large 'dragon lizard' as the boy put it.

Jacob strolled out to the village's edge to find the boy was right. Several new portals and a lot of new people, monsters and who knows what else. Looking around, Jacob quickly picked out the boys source of trepidation talking with another newcomer. He started in their direction, but before he could get to them, another portal opened and a familiar figure stepped out. Well, not so much stepped out as glided out. This figure also headed for the 'dragon lizard' and his companion. By the time Jacob joined them, they were already in conversation.

Jacob waited for an opportune moment and then said, "Sorry to interupt, but my name is Jacob Thorne. I'm sort of the town's constable." Looking at the group, he added, "You two must be new here. But you," he said, looking at the gliding figure. "You I've seen before."

Jacob's primeval tendency to be suspicious and sometimes overly cautious had not abated much since he arrived, and he was beginning to suspect it never would. And his ability to hide it was no better either, as the group was well aware of it.

The 'dragon lizard' whirls about and goes into a defensive stance, not having expected the other person to arrive. The four arms rise a little as well, tail lashing once. It looks like this one was expecting some sort of attack and openly glares at Jacob, mouth open with curled lip to bare teeth slightly.

Slowly, however, the creature relaxes when it becomes clear that there's no hostilities happening. He remains in the crouch for the moment, however. He lets the others speak if they are inclined to do such.

I voice can be heard in each head of each person. "The last of you are here, we will leave soon. Now is your last chance to speak up about your relocation."

After a quick explaination of the relocation, Jacob simply nods his head. He hadn't got close to anyone here, which is no big surprise. And three months was about long enough to be in one place, he decided.

"Let me gather my things," he told the wizard "and I'll be ready."

The large half-dragon was actually ready for the mental communication this time around so there was no adverse reaction to it. Instead he turns toward the masked one and nods once, "I have no questions or concerns. I go whereever fate takes me."


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