IC Thread 1: Ch. 1, Stolen Land

Aleksandra Valyreth, Dilletante Swordswoman

Sandra is more than happy to let Svetlana take her wet cloak, and doubly so to accept a glass of wine (politely thanking Svetlana, of course), but her expression quickly turns sour at the description of the bandit's tactics, and she shakes her head in disgust. It doesn't seem to have affected her appetite much, though; she does a pretty quick number on her bowl of stew. "The bandits are chief amongst our duties here. You can be sure we're going to put an end to their... depradations. If we can retrieve your things, so much the better."

When Castile speaks up with his intentions, Sandra nods a few times. "I think it might be best to sucker them into some kind of ambush. We could put Tallamor and Sergei up on the wall or a roof or something, and while they rain death from above, you and I could make sure they stay away from Oleg and Svetlana."

Tallamor graciously accepts the wine offered by Svetlana, taking the opportunity to stretch his long, cramped legs. These bandits had an interesting modus operandi. To repeatedly return with so few numbers in an almost-predictable pattern? They were amateurs at best. Silverlips knew from personal experience that the best people to steal from were people who actually had something to steal. And the best way to do it was to convince them that they wanted it to be stolen. What these bandits are doing is sad, pathetic really. Tallamor feels an unusual pang of responsibility and pity for these poor country folk.

"I wholeheartedly agree with Sandra. An ambush seems the best way to deal with these rodents. Based on the pattern they've displayed up until now, it is likely that their numbers will be fewer than the last time they came, and their guard will subsequently be minimal at best. I have several spells that may come in handy. " Turning to Castile, Tallamor looks at the cleric and his mace. "From what I've been able to divine from her posture, Sandra's technique with a blade comes more from her speed and accuracy than her brute strength. You, on the other hand, carry that mace as though you are well-accustomed to its added wieght. If I am to assume that your strength is your ally in battle, would you benefit from a spell that would increase your size and the strength of your blows?" He takes another sip from his wine, absently flicking the same silver coin from knuckle to knuckle with a prestidigitation spell.

Sergei removed his cloak and hung it to dry, then thanked his hosts for his meal. He sat patiently and listened to Svetlana and Oleg's tale of robbery and threats, letting his mind wander back through the years. Svetlana and Oleg look to be about the age of his parents when his home was attacked; the kindly matron even looked like the lost mother of his memories.

He finished his soup, and after patiently listening to his companions said, "In this weather, in this territory that is unknown to us, Sandra is right. The timing of our arrival could not have been better if we had planned it, and an ambush is our best course of attack. Though they may act foolishly by arriving in smaller numbers, we have no way of truly knowing their strength yet. Caution will win the day."

Sergei turned to his hosts. "I have had dealings in the past with men of low character, and I am sure that they will fall quickly to an organized force that is not afraid of their kind. If you keep yourselves safely out of our way, these scum will drop like autumn leaves."

Tallamor observes Sergei for a moment, considering the ranger's comments. "Actually, Oleg, I must ask, have these men approached on horseback in the past? If so, they are likely to do it again the same way." Tallamor's mind quickly attempts to play out multiple scenarios, each one allowing for a certain degree of failure in order to ultimately yield success. The one he currently settles on is one the trader might not like. After all, very few people ever like the thought of being used as bait.

"I'm agreed on the tactics, I would just stress the importance of capturing the leader. If that proves impossible we should be sure to be sure to take at least one prisoner. Sergei, if you can identify the leader, you might consider disabling his horse. Assuming they come on horseback."

Originally Posted by cailano View Post
"I'm agreed on the tactics, I would just stress the importance of capturing the leader. If that proves impossible we should be sure to be sure to take at least one prisoner. Sergei, if you can identify the leader, you might consider disabling his horse. Assuming they come on horseback."
"I would prefer not to harm the beast, but I will do what I must to take him alive and ensure that none of the bandits escape."

Oleg has been nearby, and while he's been trying to make it seem like he's not eavesdropping, he nevertheless is quick to respond to any questions.
"Aye, they've always come on horseback. They dismount once they're in the gates to load up their mounts. That might be the best time to spring an ambush; if they try to escape, they'll have to waste time re-mounting, or else try to flee by foot, and then we'll have their horses and could chase them down."
He looks to make sure his wife is out of earshot, before whispering,
"If you need to, I can lure them in a bit. We don't have to call it using me as 'bait,' per say... just part of a convincing illusion that all is normal. Once the arrows start flying, I'll make a break for cover."

Aleksandra Valyreth, Dilletante Swordswoman

Sandra nods thoughtfully, swiftly scooping up the last of that stew, and looking down vaguely disappointed at the empty bowl. It's surprising how delicious such a simple meal can be after a week of camp food. "That sounds like a workable plan, actually, if you're willing, Oleg. The farther we sucker them in before we spring, the less likely any of them are to get away."

Shifting her feet a little closer to the fire, she adds, "I think we've got a pretty good plan here. The fine details are going to depend on things we don't know, like how many of them there are, so we shouldn't worry about it right now."

Tallamor drinks of the wine and gratefully consumes his ration of stew, glad to have had a warm meal. He turns to Oleg, pushing his wet hair back into a more beneficial position. "Have you somewhere for us to retire for the evening? My companions and I have had a long journey, and the spells I am considering will take some time to study and memorize."

Oleg nods.
"Of course. You can all bunk down in the guest house, free of charge. Just be ready before sunrise. I'll give you a tour of the fort, show you the 'lay'o the land' so to speak. Got any questions, ask."


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