Dice Thread VII


Math is fine, but it pains me to tell you that you have to pass a second to hit roll first, and then Ulric's fury is unleashed and no more to hits are ever required.

Man, as the rules lawyer, I really bring ups and downs ^^

Smokey will receive the +10 as before. I also have a question hitting multiple targets. Is Kristof limited to attacking one Guard or could he aim like in real life and shoot mulitple targets. Don't forget your short distance modifier as well.

I believe this is the damage for a single bullet. It is just going to do ALOT of damage!

Single bullet. Why a second shot? With the +10 granted I definitely scored a hit. And I have a single pistol. Takes at least a turn to reload.

It's not a second shot. It's simply the RAW of Ulric's Fury. You make a second roll to hit with same modifiers, and if that second to hit scores, then the Ulric's Fury takes effect (and you're allowed to roll another damage die).

It's just the rule. If you fail the second to hit, it means it's a regular hit with 10 damage, for a total of 14, which is still a nice result.

Arg.. well this is a more difficult rule to explain than I thought (you can find it p. 130). But you only roll a second time to hit, not a third time. Once Ulric's fury is unleashed, nothing stops it.

Also, the str bonus is only added once. Thus you do 10 + 10 + 6 from the damage rolls, +4 for the weapon's effective strength of 4, for a total of 30.

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