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Character Name: George Prosper.
Gender/Race: Male Human.
Concept: Physician trying to find a balance between empathy and cynicism, nearing burnout and looking for more out of life.
Party Role: Arcane caster.

Note: The above image was originally created by GabeCub and is used with his permission.

Description: A short plump young human male with short brown hair and blue eyes. He often looks tired and grumpy. His skin is too pale from lack of exposure to sunlight. He has a tenor voice gone slightly hoarse from long hours and alcohol. He and his clothes are either very clean or stained with blood and other fluids, and he often smells faintly of herbs and sickness. He almost always wears the symbol of Pharasma somewhere on his person.

George's patients are sometimes superstitious about death omens, so his raven familiar, Moneta, is often not at his side. Instead, she perches or flies high above, watching over her master. Moneta speaks Common.

George owns three sharp knives with handles of bone. Each has been dedicated to Pharasma in one of her three major aspects: midwife, seer, and reaper. Sharla is named after George's mother and is used in surgery and also for cutting the umbilical cord. Lynette is named after his sister and is used for regular purposes like eating or cutting. Mina is named after his domineering paternal grandmother and is used solely for killing.

Personality: George Prosper was once a fairly ordinary boy, but over the years his studies, his work, and his worship of Pharasma have significantly altered his character. His grasp of local news and current gossip is shaky, but he can expound with authority and for hours about medical issues, death and undeath, magic, and babies.

At present, he is a workaholic who wants more out of life. He is tired of seeing patients day in and day out; the strain of caring, the routines of his job, and the lack of a social life pain him, and he abuses alcohol and the spell Polypurpose Panacea to compensate.

He wants excitement, companionship, adventure, fun, danger, and a chance to use his magic outside of a clinical setting.

One new and unusual characteristic of George is his secret fear of drugs and addiction. He is also very cautious lately about what he allows into his body, lest he be poisoned again.

Strengths: Shrewd. Learned. Caring. Persistent. Organized. Plans ahead. Responsible.

Weaknesses: Cynical. Depressed. Alcohol abuser. Morbid. Too Much Information.

Starting IC thread: Main Shopping Square.

Character Name: Ellgeon Tyvor
Gender/Race: Male Human
Concept: Con man; son of a disgraced Pathfinder
Party Role: Trapfinder/Scout/Fast-talker
  • Never Give Up: There’s a way out of every mess, no matter how dire. Ellgeon’s father taught him that, and Ellgeon saw it in action.
  • Focus: Yes, when he is in the field, Ellgeon can actually be a professional. He is cautious, attentive, and methodical in his work, and possesses an almost uncanny sixth sense about traps.
  • Silver Tongue, Quick Eyes: Ellgeon is a smooth talker, but it’s more than just talk. He can back up his discourse with observations, both about people and the mysteries of the world around him.

  • Lying Liar Who Lies: Ellgeon is quick, maybe too quick, to spin a tall tale or a story of a false identity. This makes the people who realize it not trust him very much.
  • A Long Shadow: His father’s disgrace follows Ellgeon around, especially among members of the Pathfinder Society.
  • Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em: Ellgeon has issues with commitment. It’s better if no one gets close, yet he cannot resist flirting.

Description: Ellgeon is of mixed Chelaxian blood, tall and rangy, with fair skin and black hair. His features are an odd combination of aristocratic and thuggish, and in spite of his aquiline nose, his forehead is too broad and his jaw too square for conventional attractiveness. There is something lit and lively in his eyes, however, and a smug curve to his mouth.

Personality: Ellgeon lives in a place of perpetual amusement, quick with a sardonic quip or irreverent observation about the world. He is essentially a good person who has taken some detours along the way, and while he affects and attitude of cool detachment, there are some things that matter to him a great deal.

Background: Ellgeon’s father was one of the rising stars of the Pathfinder Society - at least, until he was accused of murdering a fellow Pathfinder. The evidence was substantial; a senior Pathfinder was an eyewitness, and Sereven Tyvor didn’t bother to protest his innocence.

Instead, he ran.

Tyvor took off across Varisia and took his young son with him, dragging him from location to location in the most backwater places on the continent. Along the way, he continued to do what he knew, but instead of scouting out exotic locations for the Pathfinder Society, he found them and sold the secrets to whoever paid his handsome fee.

What he was doing what technically not illegal, but it went against everything the Society stood for, and Pathfinders swore to bring him in and stand trial for the murder. They tangled with several Sereven several times, but he somehow always managed to get away.

Ellgeon was his father’s assistant, and learned the tricks of the trade Sereven’s knee, becoming skilled in a wide variety of areas, all of which were useful in the field. One place they traveled extensively was Sargava. Sereven was looking for an ancient temple, but never found it, and eventually became obsessed.

Slowly a rift began to form between father and son, and Sereven, paranoid from many years of being hunted by the Society, began to suspect his son of treachery. After a particularly vehement argument, Sereven disappeared.

When the Society caught up with Ellgeon, the questioned him closely about his father’s whereabouts, and he could honestly say he did not know. They let him go then, but he has run afoul of Pathfinders several times since. They cannot help but wonder if one day the fugitive father will contact his son again.

Andrew Diarte
Character Sheet

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Andrew Diarte
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral, but with tendencies towards Law and Good.
Party Role: Multi-skilled expert and ranged combatant
Concept: A self-proclaimed "Hero for Hire", Andrew takes any job that will pay whether it be big or small.

  • Good guy at heart: Andrew may be full of himself, and he may present himself as a mercenary, but deep down there is some warmth in his heart. He tends to come through in the crunch despite all his faults. It is recognition of this trait that helps many people put up with him.
  • Competent: Andrew's pride in his skills may be overblown, but is justified. He is no shirker from hard work and he has trained long and hard to become the man he is today. His screw-ups (of which there are many) are not an indictment of his abilities so much as a combination of bad luck and a testament to his recklessness.
  • Honest: Andrew is known to be trustworthy and if he gives his word, he will do his very best to come through. His success rate may not be 100%, but his attempt rate is.
  • Self-sufficient: Andrew has never been one to take the easy road. With his heritage and his looks he could probably have coasted through life, possibly by latching onto a wealthy dowager. But he could not stand a meaningless and feckless life, he wants his worth to be measured in terms of his own accomplishments.

  • Full of himself: Andrew isn't a bad person, but he is far too proud of himself, not to mention a tad vain. Sometimes his ego runs away with him but fortunately for those around Andrew he is also prone to landing himself in undignified and embarassing situations which prevent his head inflating too far.
  • Doesn't think things through: Andrew is perfectly capable of thinking things through, but he rarely allows himself the time necessary to do so. Without someone around to be the voice of reason Andrew usually fails to assess a situation from all angles before rushing in, and it is this tendency to leap before he looks that lands him in hot water.
  • Won't accept charity: Andrew's determination to be self-sufficient is not always a good thing, and can manifest as foolish pride. Many a time he's made life harder for himself by refusing a friend's generous offer.
  • Shameless flirt: Andrew knows he's good-looking and charming, and he can't resist flirting with the women he meets. It is mostly harmless, and certainly has a way of improving the moods of the women he flatters, but it has gotten him in trouble with an angry husband or betrothed more than once.

Chargen Rolls

Campaign Trait
Treasure Hunter: statistically identical to boarded in Cheliax (200 gp additional equipment plus a map)
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