Avery Kumiho-Poison type Breeder

Avery Kumiho-Poison type Breeder

Name: Avery Kumiho
Class: Breeder/Type Ace(Poison)
Age: 17

Backround Information/Description: Born in Gringey City as the son of a mechanical engineer for the local power plant Avery got his start as a Breeder in the most unlikely of places. While following his father to work he stumbled on an abandoned pokemon nest hidden behind an electrical panel deep within the power plant. Worried that the egg hidden within the nest would die without care Avery came to work with his dad every day and kept the egg warm and safe. Finally one morning while watching the egg intently it started to wiggle and shake. With a faint crackle the egg broke open and out climbed Kah, a small Ekans and Avery's very first Pokemon. Seeing his son's passion for caring for Pokemon Eggs Avery's father got him an internship working at the local Pokemon center helping to care for Pokemon eggs and learning the skills necessary to become a breeder. While working in Gringey City Avery also came across his other companion a Gastly who he captured and named Shade. While working at the Pokemon Center Avery helped with many Pokemon Hatchings and built up his own collection of Poison type Pokemon, caring for those Pokemon others often found scary or intimidating and adopting them as his own. It was this desire to learn more about exotic and potentially misunderstood Pokemon which first drew Avery's attention to Erstwire and packing his bags and his two favorite Pokemon Avery set out for a new chapter of adventure.

Pokemon Wishlist: Bulbasaur, Grimer, Koffing, Seviper, Zubat, Weedle, Tentacool, Duskull, Litwick, Oddish

End Goal: Avery's goal is to continue to grow in experience as a Pokemon Breeder, one day possibly opening up a ranch of his own where he can raise Pokemon. Avery also hopes to continue to help people grow more comfortable with Poison type Pokemon, learning to overcome their fear of the often misunderstood Pokemon.

Quote: "Men become accustomed to poison by degrees"


I instantly befriend you!

I like this app overall, it's elegant. I also really like the quote, it works really well.

While I find the combination of breeder and type ace odd, the type ace philosophy you have applied is very interesting.

I think it would probably work better as a ace trainer type ace, or maybe a coordinator type ace, but I'm just not seeing the point of a breeder that concentrates overmuch on a single type like a type ace. Although I suppose you might want to try for having the type shifts bred into offspring, which would be interesting. Poison/Dark is an amazing type combo btw, just so you know.

As mentioned, the attitude your trainer has towards the poison type I think refreshing and interesting. The breeding just seems a touch tacked on. Alternatively, the opposite is tacked on. My point is that it could stand to be a bit more integrated between each other.

I've always wondered what Breeder / Type Ace would play like. It seems interesting to me, at least!

I agree with you Requiem that from a mechanics purpose going Ace trainer to Type Ace would probably make more sense but I like the idea of being a Pokemon Breeder who likes to raise young Pokemon and hatch eggs that has a real interest in Poison type and possibly another type Pokemon. Basically I see him as being a competent trainer but also one who can raise Pokemon with special tricks and abilities by bringing out their potential. Also want him to be able to find and raise other eggs from the wild like his Ekans, thus one of his feats.

Skychaser, correct me if I am wrong. But your username pic is Misha Collin's face. Know for playing Castiel on the WB's Supernatural, right?

I decide I cuddle spike while sleeping like a girl's teddy bear. This is important news. So there!


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