The Scavenger's Prize, Part III: Down the Hole

Kyito spies a round metal dome through the top of the bag. The metal was once polished a fine silver, but now is tarnished and covered in dust, scratches, and dirt. A few dents also indicate that the object has been tossed around even more than just the recent escape it experienced.

As he opens the bag even more, he spots dimmed robotic eyes and a slit that appears to be a vocabulator. At the bottom is a series of disconnected wires accompanied by a fairly obvious switch. The contents of the bag appear to be the disembodied head of a protocol droid.

"Huh... Kinda thought it'd be more... expensive-looking. It's part of a droid. Must be carrying something noteworthy. Anyways..." he cinches the bag and hefts it over his shoulder. There was no need to flip that switch. Most protocol droids he'd known were excitable, and they didn't need the attention right now of a shrieking disembodied head in a sack. "...a way off this rock?"

Kiko watched Kyito as he manipulated the package. She didn't show any surprise when it was revealed to be a droid. Hopefully there's something on there that was worth all that trouble she thought to herself. Kiko then brought her attention back to the issue at hand. It might be a good idea to figure out what our enemy can do to keep us here. No use in taking a ship if all it does is put us in their hands,

"Well we'll have to find a way to look around the port without drawing suspicion. The first place to look would probably be Captain Peel's office. Might have to draw him out somehow though," suggests Porkins, who is eager to get the plan started.

"Well, there's always using some of us as a distraction while the others sneak in. We know they're looking for us, so it wouldn't be farfetched to use that knowledge to our advantage," Kiko replied. She really didn't like their situation, or even her suggestion. Still, it was the only thing she could come up with and hoped that maybe sounding out an idea or two might help come up with a better one.

"Yes... yes... I might have an idea. But first... I need information. What are the rival powers here? Gangs, organized crime, controlling corporations? Secondly, V8, we're going to need to do some forgery of the electronic sort. You game? Thirdly, how does our organization deal with those who abandon their own in the field, bordering on traitorous intent? Oh, wait, put that as fourthly. Thirdly, I really need to get some new attire, and I would suggest everyone do the same. Something local." The Twi'lek smiled broadly.

"Hmmm...I think I see where you're going with this," Kiko replied. If it meant avoiding getting shot at again, she was certainly game. "So, where are going to get our new rags," she asked.

"I guess I'm up for anything at this point folks.
If we can draw Captain Peel out of the Imperial station, I figure I can do a fair job of slipping in there and making H or T out of what he is up to. I still say we are going to find that he is working with an outside interest, maybe corporate."

Mykl looks to the others for a consent...

"Yes, well, information firstly! We need to find several clothing vendors, as per our astromech's suggestion. We need to discern local powers. And, we need to figure out when Tik abandoned us. So, information terminals."


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