The Scavenger's Prize, Part III: Down the Hole

"Ok, seriously, can we maybe all chip in and get the little guy a vocabulator already! I'm sure he is a very bright little fellow, but the beeps are just not working for me... Anyone else agree?"

Vek glared at Mykl. “Or you could just learn Binary,” she said, Ryl in annoyance. She got a bit tetchy about languages; planet hopping like she had, and living in Invisec, she had learned a number of different languages. There were many races out there that were physically incapable of speaking human languages, but most still made the effort to learn them so that they could understand them. It was the least someone could do to try and return the favour.

She hefted her bag off her shoulder and rummaged around in for a minute, maneuvering her all-weather coat out from underneath the rest of her things. It was plain brown, and nondescript; it was pretty standard galactic fare and wouldn’t stand out on a shipping planet like this. She slipped it on and crossed her arms. “There, I’m done. I’ll help with the distraction. That will probably require getting away quickly. Kyito should probably stay with V8, since he’s the only other one who can understand him.” She hadn’t seen a lot of other female Twi’leks around, so there was probably going to be a limit to what she was going to be able to do, disguise wise. “Ryl,” she muttered under her breath. It was probably all for the best, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying. She missed the good old days: they went in with this kind of information.

As Kiko observed Vek putting on her cloak, she decided to do the same. It wouldn't be much, but it would at least be something to cover up her clothes. She pocketed her goggles, figuring they might giver her way. "If it comes to that, I can help with the distraction as well." It was at that point she decided to do something with her hair. She pulled all of it back, including the strands framing her face. At that point, she took out her knife. Pulling back hair hair, she cut it. The cut was rough, but the hair was definitely shorter and hanging down, no longer pulled back as it was before.

Now then. None of you wouldn't happen to have any dyes or something that might help us change our hair color would you?

While looking through the back rooms of the small shack, Garl emerges with an armful of rags. "Found these. There's not much, but they should do the trick." He puts on a ridiculous looking cap, covered with holes and stains and clearly meant to accommodate a species with significantly more horns.

The astromech Binary before rolling out towards the hangar area, trying to stay out of sight as much as possible, even though an astromech near hangars should not be an unusual sight.

V8 rolls into the street, spotting two Imperial troopers standing lackadaisically near the door to the compound. He spots a computer port, but it is right next to one of the troopers. They don't seem suspicious... yet.

"V8! Not yet. You need to take my picture, first." Kyito hisses after the droid.

"Look, here's my plan. We need to lay low. They know they're looking for a blue-skinned Twi'lek, and I can't exactly hide every inch of myself, especially not in this. Furthermore, they're going to be looking in all the usual spots, which means anywhere that provides a way off this rock. Spaceport's probably won't be searched - too many for a shipping planet. They'll only search outbound ships. Unless we give them reason not to.

"With a fake idea, I can provide false information of my whereabouts, posing as my brother. Shouldn't be hard, humans can't seem to tell one of us apart from another, unless we're a different gender or color of skin... uh, no offense. If we can get them concentrated on seeking out 'my brother' in one of the local non-Imperial powers, it could tie them up for a good while, relaxing their guard on the outbound ships. I may even offer them a reward from the family. We're concerned about dear Tevetko. Oh, and rags won't do. We're a respectable family with respectable money.

"While that's in motion, we'll be needing to actually secure transport. One way or another. I could certainly use someone with me to back me up. V8 would be great for the identification, but he's also invaluable for anything starship-related... Thoughts?"

"I'm not much for the intrigue side of things,
but I can stand around and look gruff like no one's business.
I'll back you up, unless some one else needs my me to lend a strong hand?"

Mykl glances in Kiko's direction...

Kiko glowers at the droid just before it goes to scout. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed as it was saying something about her. However, she shook it off. Don't be so paranoid. More pressing things, she thought. Upon seeing Garl she picked up one of the rags and
cutting it up if need be
modified into a make shift bandana. She tucked what was left of her hair underneath. Feeling ready, she finally responded. Unaware of what Mykl was getting at she simply responded to Kyito. "'We're' a respectable family? Is this applying to you and your brother, or are you going to try to pass us off as family members?"


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